Analyst Recognition

Darktrace’s artificial intelligence is widely recognized by the world’s leading IT and cyber security research firms, including Forrester, IDC, and 451 Research.

Ovum: ‘Darktrace AI powers all phases of threat defense’

This report from leading analyst firm Ovum declares Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System “a strong example of leveraging artificial intelligence” and “one of the few cases where talk about use of AI in cyber security has turned into action”.

Selected quotes

“Darktrace offers a fundamentally different platform that’s powering an entire cyber defense strategy with AI and machine learning.”
“Ovum sees Darktrace as a market leader that provides a strong example of leveraging artificial intelligence.”
“The incorporation of unsupervised, supervised, and deep learning into its product offering puts Darktrace well ahead of the game and makes it a compelling candidate for any enterprise’s cyber security tooling plans.”

451 Research: ‘Darktrace succeeding with a focus on the ‘good’ and the ‘not good enough’’

This report analyzes how Darktrace’s use of unsupervised machine learning is positioning it as the leader in anomaly detection, and outlines how Darktrace Antigena autonomously responds to potential threats in real time.

Selected quotes

“Darktrace is the clear leader in anomaly detection.”
“Key differentiation with respect to detection is seen in Darktrace’s ability to accurately judge gray-area anomalous activity.”
“Darktrace is well ahead of anomaly detection and behavioral analytics peers in terms of market presence.”

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“Darktrace software flags malicious behavior that deviates from the norm within cloud-integrated networks.”
“Darktrace’s platform is one of the few cases where talk about use of AI in cyber security has turned into action.”
Mike Sapien, Chief Analyst at Ovum
“The behavioral analytics honed by Darktrace is necessary because IT executives are drowning in data, with lots of potential for false alarms.”
Martin Whitworth, Research Director at IDC
“Darktrace Antigena acts faster than any security practitioner could to prevent damage from attacks such as ransomware.”
Eric Ogren, Senior Analyst at 451 Research
“Darktrace detects and responds to threats that other tools miss.”
Jonas Knudsen, Research Director at IDC
“The secret sauce for Darktrace remains depth and experience with unsupervised machine learning applied to its modeling of IT systems as organisms protected by immune systems.”
Dan Cummins, Senior Analyst at 451 Research
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