Self-Learning Cyber AI for Microsoft Azure

With the launch of the Microsoft Azure Virtual Network TAP, the Darktrace platform delivers its self-learning AI across the cloud more seamlessly than ever, allowing the platform to go beyond the limited insights that log-based tools provide, without the added complexity of capture agents. By deploying Darktrace’s Cyber AI, organizations can now leverage the full benefits of Microsoft Azure with the confidence that their security posture is resilient and their critical data is secure.

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“When we activated Darktrace in our cloud environment, it was like flipping on a switch in a dark room.”
TRJ Télécom

Key Benefits

Seamless integration
Agentless deployment via the Microsoft Azure Virtual Network TAP, capturing full traffic in real time
Finds threats that get inside
Autonomously detects and responds to known and unknown cyber-threats before they do damage
Learns ‘on the job’
Continuously adapts its understanding of ‘normal’ in light of new evidence, without relying on rules, signatures, or prior assumptions
Complete visibility
Provides real-time visualization of every user, device, and container across Azure workloads, SaaS applications, and the enterprise
“Darktrace is lightweight, easy to use, and makes us feel much more comfortable spinning up our cloud infrastructure.”
Innovating Capital

Seamless Integration

Deployment Scenarios

Hybrid Cloud


Darktrace Cyber AI

Powered by enterprise-grade AI, Darktrace brings a fundamentally unique approach to real-time cyber defense across multi-cloud and hybrid environments. By continuously learning the normal ‘pattern of life’ for every user, device, and container, Darktrace can spot and stop the full range of cyber-threats in the cloud, from malicious insiders and external attacks, through to critical misconfigurations that can expose the business to future compromise.

In the past, organizations seeking to secure their workloads in the cloud have been forced to rely on tools that either capture logs for visibility, or analyze traffic using rules and signatures to detect known threats. While logs may be helpful for compliance, they are incapable of delivering real-time insights that keep pace with the speed and sophistication of today’s most advanced attacks. Equally, analytics tools that rely on rules and signatures may be able to identify known threats, but they fail to spot subtle insiders or novel attacks designed to evade traditional controls.

To fill this critical gap, Darktrace analyzes full traffic using enterprise-grade AI to spot subtle deviations indicative of a threat — whether they originate from compromised credentials, ‘low and slow’ data exfiltration, or lateral movement across the cloud. By identifying these early indicators of cyber-threat without relying on rules or signatures, Darktrace’s Cyber AI Platform can autonomously detect and respond to never-before-seen threats that other tools miss.

“Darktrace represents a new frontier in AI-based cyber defense. Our team now has complete, real-time coverage across our SaaS applications, cloud containers, and city-wide distributed sensors.”
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