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Darktrace Community

Darktrace Community is a worldwide network of Darktrace customers, spanning thousands of organizations in all industry sectors.

Members of the Darktrace Community gain access to specialist intelligence from Darktrace’s world-leading Cyber Analyst team, as well as exclusive, preemptive protection against threats that have been discovered elsewhere in the Community.

The benefits and services available to members of Darktrace Community include:

  • Darktrace Customer Portal
  • Darktrace Inoculation
  • Global Threat Notifications
  • Industry Trend Reports
A cyber analyst meeting with customers, all looking at information on a laptop.

Darktrace Customer Portal

The Darktrace Customer Portal is an online platform, where customers can stay informed, access rich resources from our expert teams, and access product updates.

The Portal’s features include a ‘Cyber Analyst Hub’ that provides expert commentary from our team of Cyber Analysts, highlighting threat trends, product functionality, and case studies from the Darktrace Community around the world. 

The Darktrace Customer Portal also contains user guides, educational videos, and FAQs, ensuring that Darktrace customers and new members of your security team have the resources they need to take full advantage of the platform and stay connected.

Darktrace Inoculation

Powered by unsupervised machine learning, the Darktrace Immune System detects and responds to cyber-threats in real time, including zero-days, insiders and silent, stealthy attackers.

Like a vaccine, Darktrace Inoculation boosts your Darktrace Immune System, preemptively protecting against threats that have not yet hit your systems and infrastructure. Opting in to the service allows you to share and receive intelligence about unique, high severity cyber-threats discovered elsewhere across the Darktrace Community.

“Darktrace Inoculation helps us preemptively defend ourselves and fight back against threats even faster than before.”
Jimmy Gelhaar, Director of IT, Metropolitan Pathologists
Flowchart showing process of Darktrace Inoculation disseminating information to the community.

Global Threat Notifications

Global Threat Notifications are reports on breaking developments in the cyber-threat landscape written by our lead Cyber Analysts.

Darktrace tracks a series of cyber intelligence exchange initiatives to ensure that our threat hunting team is apprised of new findings by the defense intelligence community. If a major discovery that has obvious repercussions for network security is identified and shared, Darktrace’s analysts distribute a Global Threat Notification to customers, giving security teams and board members the information they need to understand the nature of the threat and the way Darktrace defends against it. 

Industry Trend Reports

Darktrace Industry Trend Reports provide a summary of cyber security trends in individual industry sectors. The Industry Trend Report allows both security teams and business executives to see how the threat landscape is evolving in their industry, and to see common patterns and statistics on specific verticals.

Authored by our Cyber Research Group and using proprietary information and intelligence gleaned from our global engagements, Industry Trend Reports enable organizations to adapt their overall security posture in light of emerging trends.