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Protect IT and OT together

Threat actors are exploiting weaknesses in interconnected IT/OT ecosystems. Protecting each area in isolation won’t give you the full picture you need. Self-Learning AI illuminates the entire business and fights back against emerging cyber-threats.

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Factors driving IT/OT convergence

The convergence of IT and OT has been a major component of digital transformation for a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, utilities and energy, transportation, manufacturing and healthcare.

It has helped organizations meet business goals such as greater productivity, more transparency into operational processes, and a reduction in production costs.

But this expanded attack surface has created new security risks.

Cyber-attacks are increasingly pivoting into OT ecosystems

The spillover effect

As industrial systems become more connected to the Internet, cyber-attacks are increasingly ‘spilling over’ from traditional IT into the OT sphere.

Many well-known ICS attacks have been successful by gaining an initial foothold into the IT network, such as EKANS, Black Energy, and Havex.

Blog: What EKANS reveals about the future of OT cyber-attacks

Protect IT and OT with a single self-learning system

Treating each area as a silo is unlikely to give the full picture of a cyber-threat traversing IT and OT systems.

Darktrace’s AI understands what ‘normal’ looks like across IT and OT systems, allowing it to identify subtle indicators of a cyber-attack.

This self-learning approach enables detection and targeted response against novel attacks that have never been seen before in the wild.

Darktrace’s Threat Visualizer streamlines security workflows

Key Benefits

Unified coverage
Protects IT, OT and IoT, and highlights points of convergence
Autonomous Response
Takes targeted action to stop emerging attacks
Works in any environment
Protocol and technology agnostic
Uplifts security teams
Automatic investigations reduce triage time by an average of 92%

Trusted by thousands

From critical infrastructure to major manufacturers, many of the world’s most complex and sensitive industrial environments rely on Darktrace for early-stage threat detection and autonomous response.

Hear from our customers

King’s Hawaiian
King’s Hawaiian turned to Darktrace AI to secure its complex digital ecosystem and manufacturing floor from advanced cyber-threats, regardless of where they emerge across the expansive organization.
The Drax power station generates 6% of the UK’s power. Martin Sloan, Group Head of Security, explains why Self-Learning AI is critical to defend both his corporate network and critical industrial control systems.

An autonomous response to cyber-threats

Autonomous Response stops threats in IT before they spread to OT, and also in higher levels of the Purdue model.

The technology is highly configurable, and can be set to act only on certain devices, at certain times of day or in response to certain events.

Its response actions are targeted, tailored to contain the threat specifically, without interrupting normal operations.

Watch: Ransomware Attack Video
Discover how Autonomous Response would interrupt ransomware at 8 different stages of the attack life-cycle, from the initial intrusion, through to encryption.

White Paper: Self-Learning AI for Industrial Control Systems

Organizations overseeing OT are exploring new ways to protect these systems from ransomware, industrial sabotage, and other forms of cyber disruption. Download this white paper to discover how self-learning technology augments security teams, with real-world case studies of ICS attacks uncovered by Darktrace’s AI.

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