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Protect your critical infrastructure with AI

Critical infrastructure is being increasingly targeted by disruptive cyber-attacks that move at machine speed, outpacing humans and traditional tools.

Darktrace provides unified protection across OT and IT environments and autonomously responds to fast-moving attacks in seconds.

Watch: How Darktrace defends Industrial Control Systems

A self-learning approach

Rather than relying on static lists of rules and signatures, Self-Learning AI understands your digital ecosystem, learning the ‘pattern of life’ for every device, operator, and all connections between them.

This evolving understanding allows it to identify subtle deviations that indicate a cyber-attack, stopping threats like ransomware in their tracks.

“Darktrace is fundamentally changing the game of ICS cyber defense — armed with its machine learning technology, we feel confident in our ability to identify the subtle and increasingly sophisticated attacks threatening our infrastructure.”
Michael Sherwood, CIO, City of Las Vegas

Key Benefits

Detects full range of known and unknown threats, including zero-days
Unified protection of OT and IT
Interrupts threats in IT systems before they can spread to OT
AI-driven investigations
Augments humans and bridges knowledge gap between OT and IT teams
Passive asset identification
Identifies all assets to build continuously updated asset inventory

Minimize cyber disruption

Darktrace AI is the only technology that autonomously defends against novel and never-before-seen attacks — and stops attacks inside IT systems, before they can disrupt OT.

With early-stage threat detection spanning the full range of known and unknown attacks, as well as AI-driven investigations and Autonomous Response, Self-Learning AI allows defenders of critical infrastructure to remain confident in the availability and integrity of their systems.

Unparalleled visibility

Darktrace detects threats at their earliest stages wherever they occur in an environment, granting visibility across all Purdue levels, as well as into and around the DMZ.

The technology also provides complete asset identification, adapting to even the most unique proprietary environments. It even illuminates points of IT/OT convergence.

White Paper: Self-Learning AI for Industrial Control Systems

Organizations overseeing OT are exploring new ways to protect these systems from ransomware, industrial sabotage, and other forms of cyber disruption. Download this white paper to discover how self-learning technology augments security teams, with real-world case studies of ICS attacks uncovered by Darktrace’s AI.

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