Darktrace Antigena

Darktrace Antigena brings our unique Autonomous Response technology to the enterprise, with a range of market-leading security products that deliver proactive cyber defense to all parts of the digital infrastructure.

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Interrupts attacks by enforcing ‘normal’

Understands your business, stops novel cyber-threats

Responds to ransomware in 10 seconds

Machine-speed actions taken to interrupt fast-moving attacks

Targeted and proportionate

Contains the threat only, without disrupting the business

Darktrace Antigena operates across your entire digital estate


Traditional defenses fail to detect novel attacks that blend into the noise of the network and sweep through complex infrastructures in seconds.

Informed by an evolving understanding of your business, Darktrace Antigena neutralizes the full range of threats inside your network.

Machine-speed ransomware

Early signs of ransomware trigger an immediate response

Insider data theft

Identifies malicious data transfers and contains the threat

Unknown unknowns

Detects all anomalous behavior indicative of signatureless and never-before-seen cyber-attacks

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As working patterns evolve and organizations embrace multi-cloud platforms and remote locations, the way we protect the cloud must evolve too. Darktrace Antigena enables organizations to benefit from Self-Learning AI across cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

With Autonomous Response technology, Darktrace Antigena takes dynamic action in seconds to neutralize unpredictable attacks in cloud and collaboration tools.

Data exfiltration

Stops all types of malicious communication, interrupting suspicious file transfers and data breaches


Detects malicious crypto-mining and responds to curb the activity

API vulnerabilities

Protects unsecured APIs by cutting off any malicious connections

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94% of cyber-attacks begin in the inbox. As organizations continue to rely on email as the main collaboration tool for the workplace, companies need email security technology they can trust.

Darktrace Antigena takes autonomous, targeted action to neutralize advanced email attacks, intervening to protect employees from spear phishing and other threats.

Advanced spear phishing and digital fakes

Protects the workforce from email impersonation attacks, however convincing

Compromised accounts

Dynamic understanding of every user identifies and stops account takeover

Domain spoofing

Recognizes visually similar domains and solicitation attempts

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From Microsoft Teams to SharePoint, Antigena responds with surgical precision when cloud accounts are being used carelessly or for malicious purposes.

With the ability to connect actions in different parts of the digital enterprise, Darktrace Antigena protects your dynamic workforce from subtle and multi-faceted attacks that evade static and siloed defenses.

Account takeover

Understands the complex human behind the account, identifying abnormal logins and actions

Malicious insiders

Blocks malicious behavior occurring on privileged user accounts

Multi-faceted attacks

With a holistic understanding across the enterprise, attacks leveraging different parts of the network – including cloud and IoT – are neutralized instantly

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