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Darktrace for Email

Darktrace for Email uses core artificial intelligence to stop the most advanced email threats, intervening to protect employees from the full range of threats targeting the inbox.

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Understands the human

Learns the unique ‘pattern of life’ for every email user in your organization

Stops advanced spear phishing and digital fakes

Protects the workforce from email impersonation attacks, however convincing

Installs in 5 minutes

Cloud-delivered, effective within hours

The front door to your organization

Email is relied upon more than ever as a collaboration tool for the dynamic workplace. It is also the source of 94% of cyber-attacks, with attackers increasingly leveraging:

Advanced phishing
Analyzes links and attachments in the context of normal ‘patterns of life’
Account takeover
Microsoft 365 SaaS Module identifies anomalous logins and account behavior
Domain spoofing
Recognizes visually similar domains and solicitation attempts

Trusted by thousands of companies

Due to its self-learning approach, Darktrace for Email works effectively in any email environment, from 10-person charities to multinational corporations with tens of thousands of email users.

The AI technology scales with your organization, without requiring manual configuration or fine-tuning.

Understands the human

Rather than measuring inbound emails against pre-defined rules and signatures, a modern approach to email security uses AI to understand the human beings behind email interactions, learning their typical ‘patterns of life’ in order to spot anomalous behavior indicative of a threat.

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A layered AI approach

Darktrace uses a combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning to detect subtle deviations indicative of a cyber-threat that other tools miss. The AI then actions a surgical and proportionate response to contain the threat, while allowing normal business interactions to continue.

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Installed in minutes
Uses your email provider’s API
No MX changes required

Darktrace for Microsoft

Microsoft 365 customers using E3, E5 and similar licences have recently enabled the unlimited archiving included in their subscriptions, sunsetting third-party email gateways.

Microsoft’s journaling functionality has quickly become the modern deployment method for email security as it provides real-time email visibility without the risk of operational outages that traditional email gateways pose – and at an additional cost. Organizations are finding that combining Microsoft’s included unlimited archiving with Darktrace for Email offers the most favorable and efficient approach to email security, retention, and compliance.

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Darktrace for Email is also available for Google Workspace and Microsoft Exchange.

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When a logistics company was hit by an email phishing attack that slipped through their gateway, the attacker compromised a Microsoft 365 account and accessed sensitive files before sending out over 1,000 emails in 25 minutes. This blog details how Darktrace for Email and Darktrace’s Microsoft 365 SaaS Module were able to detect the activity when legacy tools could not.

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