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Email is the connective tissue that keeps a business running. It also presents cyber-criminals with the ultimate gateway into an organization.

Powered by Darktrace Cyber AI, Antigena Email catches advanced threats that other email security tools miss.

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How Antigena neutralizes malicious emails

The Self-Defending Inbox

A new approach to email security uses AI to understand the unique ‘patterns of life’ for every user and correspondent, building an evolving understanding of the human behind email communications.

While traditional email controls rely on a pre-defined conception of ‘bad’ in the form of blacklists and signatures, a self-learning approach allows Antigena Email to catch novel attacks which evade other tools.

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Advanced spear phishing
Analyzes links and attachments in connection with all other email and network traffic
Spoofing and solicitation
Detects anomalies even in ‘clean’ emails containing no links or attachments
Employee account takeover
Identifies anomalous login locations and unusual email processing rules
Supply chain attack
Learns communication patterns and recognizes when a trusted email account has been hijacked
When Antigena Email caught a spear phishing campaign that the Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant missed, we were convinced. The trial was over.
CIO, Numeris

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Email threats cost an estimated $1.77 billion in losses last year. Discover how AI can protect your workforce from the full range of threats to their inbox — from spear phishing and solicitation to supply chain attack and account takeover. This information pack includes:

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