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Darktrace for Endpoint

Darktrace brings its Self-Learning AI to the endpoint, delivering real-time detection of novel and sophisticated attacks, automatic threat investigations, and – through its own agents – Autonomous Response.

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Understands your organization and adapts to stop novel threats

Autonomous Response

Through its own agents, Darktrace actions a targeted response to disrupt threats


Investigates endpoint activity alongside cloud, email and network traffic

Protects against every threat

Endpoints often represent an easy point-of-entry into an organization. Darktrace understands your business and protects against the full range of threats.

Novel malware
Evolving understanding of the business enables zero-day threat detection
Insider threat
Identifies unusual and malicious user activity and responds in real time
Compliance issues
Protects data and helps organizations comply with regulations

A self-learning approach

While other tools rely on threat intelligence and pre-programmed responses to contain cyber-threats targeting endpoint devices, Darktrace understands ‘self’ for everyone and everything in the business.

This understanding allows it to stop advanced threats, regardless of whether they have been seen before.

“Self-Learning AI analyzes behavior on the endpoint alongside behavior in Microsoft 365 and across our entire cloud environment.”
Head of IT Infrastructure, Scope Markets
“Darktrace for Endpoint takes Darktrace’s existing real-time analysis and ties it in with risky or malicious behavior that may be occurring off the VPN.”
Technology Manager, Linc Cymru Housing Association

Autonomous Response through Darktrace agents

Darktrace brings its Autonomous Response capability to the endpoint via its ‘cSensor’ agents, enabling AI to take precise, autonomous actions to contain emerging attacks in seconds.

Darktrace’s evolving understanding of ‘self’ allows for threats to be neutralized in a matter of seconds, without requiring the presence of human teams.