Don’t let ransomware ruin your holidays

Security teams need a break. Autonomous Response is there when you can’t be, taking action against fast-moving threats like ransomware, without disrupting your business.

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Hackers don’t take holiday

This year, organizations will continue to be caught off-guard by advanced ransomware attacks as hackers capitalize on security teams being out of office.

As employees and security teams take a well-earned break, cyber-criminals start to ramp up their campaigns.

It’s time to shift to a proportionate response strategy – stopping the attack at every stage, while allowing your business to operate as it should, even through the holidays.

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Discover how Autonomous Response would interrupt ransomware at 8 different stages of the attack life-cycle, from the initial intrusion, through to encryption.

Autonomous Response: There when you can’t be

Human teams can’t be on call 24/7. A modern approach to security requires technology that can take action to contain attacks on their behalf.

Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI learns your business from the ground up. It uses this learned sense of ‘self’ to make accurate decisions in seconds, taking the right action at the right time to contain fast-moving cyber-threats.

Its actions are targeted and proportionate, containing only the malicious activity while allowing normal business operations to continue uninterrupted.

Key Benefits

Learns your business from the ground up to stop novel threats
Takes targeted action
Interrupts only the threatening activity without impacting normal business
Protects the inbox
Stops ransomware at its earliest stages
Responds in under 10 seconds
Makes decisions from your data at machine speed

Stops ransomware at the source

The vast majority of cyber-attacks start with an email. This holiday season, attackers are looking to incite a sense of urgency with phishing attacks disguised as tantalizing Black Friday offers, targeting personal and corporate inboxes alike.

Antigena Email uses Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI to learn the ‘patterns of life’ for every user and correspondent, building an evolving understanding of the ‘human’ within email communications.

This enables the AI to make highly accurate decisions and neutralize the full range of email attacks, including those that may have culminated in a ransomware attack.

Darktrace for Email

Lifecycle of a ransomware attack:
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Ransomware is a multi-stage problem requiring a multi-stage solution. This data sheet reveals every stage of a ransomware attack and explores how Self-Learning AI detects the subtle signs of attack and proportionately responds.

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