Darktrace at Black Hat 2021

Monday August 2 – Thursday August 5, 2021

Darktrace is a Diamond Sponsor at Black Hat USA 2021 and we’d love to connect with you at the event, whether you are at Mandalay Bay, or joining virtually.

Our team of Executives and Subject Matter Experts will be dedicating the week of Black Hat to hosting in-person and virtual one-to-one briefings, to hear about your current security priorities.

You’ll hear about:

  • How AI provides comprehensive protection across cloud and SaaS environments, including the full Microsoft 365 product suite.

  • Why Autonomous Response has become a critical technology in the fight against ransomware.

  • The latest technology updates and R&D roadmap from our product development team.

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As McLaren’s Official AI Cyber Security Partner, we’ll be giving you the chance to experience the thrill of an F1 race in our immersive McLaren Simulator Car – exclusive prizes will be awarded to our podium finishers!

We’ll also be running live demos of our award-winning Self-Learning AI throughout the event.

Attending Black Hat virtually?

Visit our virtual booth where our team of Darktrace experts will be on-hand to answer any questions you may have about our autonomous Self-Learning AI.

Nicole Eagan
Chief Strategy Officer, AI Officer
Marcus Fowler
Director of Strategic Threat
Jeff Cornelius
EVP, Cyber-Physical Security
Chris Thomas
VP, Industrial
Brianna Leddy
Director of Analysis
Dan Fein
Director of Product
David Mata
SVP, Head of Threat Analysis, Americas
David Masson
Director of Enterprise Security
Eloy Avila
Chief Technology Officer, Americas

Don’t miss our speaking sessions

A Vision for Self-Learning AI

In person | Wednesday 4 August | 10:20am – 11:10am PT

Cyber defense has reached a point of reckoning, one that is further bolstering AI approaches in a significant way because the threat drivers are forever changing.

This is no longer a human scale problem. Self-Learning AI can discover unpredictable attacks as they emerge by learning normal operations. Autonomous response AI can be optimized to keep normal operations running, even during an in-progress attack. But what comes next?

Attend this presentation to find what the optimal cyber defense state looks like and how to achieve it, and learn why this architecture is perfectly suited to work from anywhere zero trust, as well as cloud, approaches.

Nicole Eagan
Chief Strategy Officer, AI Officer
Marcus Fowler
Director of Strategic Threat

AI Red Team and Attack Path Modeling

Virtual | Wednesday 4 August | 11:20am – 11:40am PT

Offensive AI is already laying the groundwork for a new security challenge — deepfake technologies will outsmart and outpace human teams and traditional defenses with attacks that appear totally legitimate.

Organizations need Self-Learning AI technology to proactively identify emerging vulnerabilities and weak points, and deliver a holistic understanding of an organization’s evolving, dynamic risk profile.

Autonomous, AI Red-Teaming will transform defensive systems, augmenting human teams and offering a ‘Self-Learning AI loop’ cycle, improving with each phase and producing a fully autonomous approach to security – helping to mitigate and thwart real-world attacks before they even have a chance to strike.

Max Heinemeyer
Director of Threat Hunting
Toby Lewis
Head of Threat Analysis

Bringing Autonomous Response to Multi-Cloud Environments

Virtual | Wednesday 4 August | 8:00am – 8:15am PT

The enterprise-wide shift to the cloud is here to stay. As businesses take advantage of the speed, scale and flexibility of the cloud, hackers are also leveraging these same benefits – to launch fast-moving, sophisticated attacks on organizations.

The need for autonomous response is more critical than ever to ensure business resilience; attack lifecycles on critical workloads and production environments are growing ever shorter, and threats against the cloud continue to mount.

Self-Learning AI is helping organizations across the globe take proportionate, real-time action against attacks in the cloud, thwarting them in their earliest stages – before the damage is done.

Nabil Zoldjalali
Director of Cloud Security