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Book a meeting with Darktrace at Infosecurity Europe

From Tuesday, June 21 to Thursday, June 23, Darktrace will be sponsoring Infosecurity Europe 2022. Our Subject Matter Experts are hosting on-site and virtual one-to-one meetings, and we’d love to meet with you!

These meetings are open to discuss your current cyber security priorities and concerns, understand your business’ concerns, and provide an overview of Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI and Autonomous Response. We’ll also cover new product releases and upcoming projects.

To book your meeting, please register using the form.

 Why not also register for our cocktail reception on Wednesday, June 22?

Darktrace experts include:

Toby Lewis
Head of Threat Analysis
Andrew Tsonchev
Director of Technology
Max Heinemeyer
VP, Cyber Innovation
Mariana Pereira
Director of Email Security Products

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Don’t miss our speaking sessions

Turning the Tables on Cyber-Attackers with a Continuous AI Loop Approach to Security

Talking Tactics | Thursday June 23 | 12:00pm – 12:30pm BST

In the face of skyrocketing cyber risk, detecting and responding to attacks is no longer enough. Organizations must take proactive steps to prevent threats before they happen, and to recover if compromised. In this session, Darktrace unveils an ambitious new approach to security, with core engines powering AI technologies to prevent, detect, respond, and ultimately heal from attacks. Together, these engines combine to strengthen organizations’ security posture in a virtuous AI feedback ‘loop’, which provides powerful end-to-end, bespoke, and self-learning solutions unique to each organization.

Andrew Tsonchev
Director of Technology

Fast and Furious Attacks: Using AI to Surgically Respond

Stand T40 | Tuesday June 21 | 11:00am – 11:30am BST

Fast-moving cyber-attacks can strike at any time, and security teams are often unable to react quickly enough. Join Dr Beverly McCann to learn how Autonomous Response takes targeted action to stop in-progress attacks, without disrupting your business. Includes real-world threat finds, case studies and attack scenarios.

Dr Beverly McCann
Principal Analyst Consultant

What’s New and What’s Upcoming

Stand T40 | Tuesday June 21 | 2:00pm – 2:30pm BST

From Attack Surface Management to technical integrations and endpoint protection, join Andrew Tsonchev to discover what is new and upcoming from Darktrace’s Cyber AI Research Centre.

Andrew Tsonchev
Director of Technology

Stopping Ransomware with Autonomous Response

Stand T40 | Wednesday June 22 | 11:00am – 11:30am BST

New strains of ransomware are leaving organizations vulnerable – too often, security teams struggle to take a proportionate response, leading to business-wide cyber disruption. With the summer season approaching, attackers will no doubt look to strike as security teams take leave. Join Alexandra Marsden as she unpacks some of today’s most advanced ransomware threats, and explains how Self-Learning AI takes targeted, autonomous action to stop the threats in their tracks.

Alexandra Marsden
Principal Cyber Analyst

Driving Innovation with McLaren Racing

Stand T40 | Wednesday June 22 | 2:30pm – 3:00pm BST

McLaren Racing operates at the pinnacle of the most technologically advanced racing series in the world, with connected technologies powering the team. Any disruption caused by cyber-attackers could be the difference between winning and losing. Join McLaren Racing’s Head of Commercial Technology, Ed Green, and Technical Analyst, Sian Hardaker, as they discuss the security needs and technology innovation that goes into race day and find out how Darktrace’s AI autonomously defends McLaren’s data and digital systems.

Ed Green
Head of Commercial Technology, McLaren Racing
Sian Hardaker
Technical Analyst, McLaren Racing