Behind the scenes at the Imola Grand Prix

F1 driver Lando Norris recently went on a mission to understand how Darktrace AI keeps the McLaren team secure from cyber-attacks.

Tour the garage’s data centre and the McLaren Technology Centre, and discover how McLaren’s use of cutting-edge technology drives their success on the track.

Protecting the McLaren Racing Team

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Winning the race with Cyber AI

McLaren operate at the pinnacle of the most technologically advanced racing series in the world, with connected technologies powering the team. Any disruption caused by cyber-attackers – whether that be access to world-leading IP, racing strategy, or data from connected sensors on race cars — could be the difference between winning and losing.

Behind the scenes, Darktrace’s AI autonomously defends McLaren’s lifeblood — their data and their digital systems — with unparalleled agility to allow McLaren to focus on what they do best: racing.

“We rely on Darktrace’s AI to automatically fight back against attacks wherever they are across the infrastructure — before damage is done.”
Zak Brown, CEO, McLaren Racing

Constantly learning

McLaren’s race cars are constantly changing. A new part is created every 17 minutes. By the end of the season, approximately 80% of the car will be different. Split-second decisions keep McLaren at the top of the game, so their digital environment needs to adapt to these fast-paced changes in user and device behavior.

Darktrace’s AI is self-learning and evolves with these changes and states of flux, constantly re-calibrating the sense of digital ‘self’. The autonomous response capabilities allows McLaren’s digital infrastructure to be self-defending and self-healing — thwarting emerging threats at machine speed, before damage is caused.

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