Darktrace and Microsoft

Darktrace and Microsoft are working together to help organizations close the security gaps in their multicloud and multiplatform environments. Together, their offering embraces the speed and flexibility of the cloud, adapts to your organization, and covers the entire digital estate.

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Understands the ‘patterns of life’ for every Microsoft user and device

Enterprise-wide protection

Unified coverage across Microsoft 365, Azure, the network and endpoints


Continuously adapts and autonomously responds to novel and advanced threats

Facing a new era of cyber together

The mass transition to cloud computing has blurred the boundaries of the traditional network perimeter, and dramatically increased the attack surface. Meanwhile, cyber-criminals are constantly innovating, embracing new technologies to increase the speed and scale of their campaigns.

Cyber AI in the cloud

Darktrace uses advanced AI technology to learn normal patterns of behavior across the digital enterprise. This dynamic understanding of your organization allows it to detect subtle anomalies indicative of a cyber-threat and autonomously respond at machine speed.

Unknown unknowns

The unique self-learning approach of Darktrace’s Cyber AI allows it to neutralize the undefinable, unpredictable threats that slip through the net of blanket policies and deny-lists, protecting your workforce from zero-day attacks.

Where Microsoft runs, Darktrace secures

Darktrace protects the full range of Microsoft environments, from email and the wider Microsoft 365 product suite to data centers hosted in Azure. With a unified understanding across email, SaaS and cloud environments, the Darktrace Immune System correlates its findings across the enterprise, enabling more accurate detection, investigation, and response.

Customer Case Study:
Mainstream Renewable Power

Mainstream Renewable Power adopted a cloud-first, Microsoft-first strategy in 2013. The security team now rely on Darktrace and Microsoft’s complementary security solutions to keep their data secure in the cloud as the company continues to expand globally.