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Nicole Eagan speaks to Nasdaq at WSJ Tech Live
At WSJ’s premier technology event Tech Live 2019, Darktrace CEO Nicole Eagan spoke to Nasdaq on the future of cyber security, the dangers of AI attacks, and how to build a global AI company from the ground up.
Darktrace CEO: The future of cybersecurity is AI vs AI
Nicole Eagan sits down with Fortune to discuss the expanding attack surface, explaining how everything from an HVAC system to a video conferencing device can be an in-road for an attacker.
Darktrace’s David Masson discusses Canada’s new National Cyber Security Strategy
On LCN’s Le 9h, David Masson breaks down the different elements of the Canadian government’s new security strategy.
Darktrace’s Dave Palmer and Max Heinemeyer on Risky Business
Dave Palmer (Director of Technology) and Max Heinemeyer (Director of Threat Hunting) discuss how Darktrace is cutting through the hype around AI in cyber defence and how autonomous response will be crucial for cyber security moving forward.
Darktrace's Justin Fier on ICS-based cryptomining
Justin Fier, Director of Cyber Intelligence for Darktrace, talks about the rise of crypto mining attacks that are targeting industrial control systems.
Darktrace’s Nicole Eagan discusses regulation and the big internet companies
On CNBC’s Street Signs, Darktrace’s Nicole Eagan argues that we are at a tipping point, and up until now, the internet has been the Wild, Wild West. People are starting to ask tough questions of the big internet companies.
Darktrace’s David Masson speaks about using AI to fight back against evolving threats on TVA Nouvelles
Cyber-threats are evolving at an unprecedented rate, from automated ransomware to silent and stealthy attacks. Canadian companies are turning to AI technology for the answer. Hear David Masson speak about how organizations use AI to identify and respond to never-before-seen threats in real time.
Darktrace’s Sanjay Aurora on how Japan is attracting foreign tech innovations
Sanjay Aurora, APAC Managing Director of Darktrace, talks about the attractiveness of investment in Japan and the prospects of the Japanese cybersecurity market.
Darktrace's David Masson interviewed at CAMSS Ontario
David Masson, Country Manager for Canada at Darktrace, speaks about how AI is transforming cyber defense, what companies need to be doing to protect their networks, and how the cyber security industry is likely to evolve in coming years.
More help on the way for cybersecurity
Artificial intelligence is crucial for the next wave on cybersecurity threats, says Darktrace’s Sanjay Aurora on CNBC’s Squawk Box.
Darktrace’s Justin Fier on how artificial intelligence can improve network health
Darktrace’s Justin Fier speaks to Bank Info Security about how artificial intelligence can improve network health by building a "pattern of life" for every device, user and network.
Darktrace’s David Masson appears on CBC
David Masson, Country Manager for Canada at Darktrace, discusses the cyber arms race, and the difficulties that the evolving cyber-threat landscape poses for defenders.
Darktrace’s David Masson speaking with Kris McCusker on 680 News
David Masson, Country Manager for Canada at Darktrace, speaks about what cyber trends we can expect to see in 2018 and what strategies organizations can employ to help protect their networks from the modern threat landscape.
Darktrace's Justin Fier appears on CSO’s Salted Hash
Justin Fier, Director of Cyber Intelligence and Analysis at Darktrace, talks about the Matrix Banker malware spreading to multiple industries.