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Darktrace for OT

Darktrace for OT defends against known and unknown attacks at their earliest stages, providing unified protection across Operational Technology, IT, IIoT, and converged IT/OT ecosystems.

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Protects against zero-days

Learns ‘self’ from the ground up; detects known and unknown threats

Unified view of IT and OT

Illuminates all points of IT/OT convergence and stops attacks in IT before they spill into OT

Asset identification

Passively identifies all assets, eliminating risk of operational disruption

Learns ‘self’, protects against every threat

Darktrace for OT learns from scratch with no preconceptions about what constitutes a threat. Its evolving understanding of your organization allows it to stop novel, ‘zero-day’ attacks.

Advanced Persistent Threats
Detects low-and-slow attacks before threat intel is available
Interrupts ransomware inside IT systems, minimizing disruption
Attacks traversing IT and OT
Protection across every Purdue layer

Trusted by sensitive industrial environments

From critical infrastructure to major manufacturers, many of the world’s most complex and sensitive industrial environments rely on Darktrace for OT for early-stage threat detection and asset identification.

Darktrace for OT scales and adapts alongside evolutions in your environment, learning normal behavior for each of your bespoke OT and IT/OT ecosystems.

Protects against novel threats

The unknown vulnerabilities and threats are usually the most damaging. OT attacks frequently make use of zero-days, and misuse legitimate operations in ways that cannot be trivially recognized as malicious. Rather than providing ‘zero-day’ threat feeds and analyzing novel attacks ex-post-facto, Darktrace understands ’normal’ to protect against unknown attacks before any threat intelligence is available.

Adapts to your bespoke environment

With decades-old technology running alongside cutting-edge IIoT, OT and ICS ecosystems are unique, each with a diverse set of technologies. Darktrace for OT adapts to your bespoke environment, constantly learning ‘on the job’, its understanding evolving alongside changes in your ecosystem. No manual configuration or tuning necessary.

Unified protection across the enterprise