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Partnering With Darktrace

Darktrace is a leading autonomous AI cyber security company. Recognized by independent bodies including Gartner, Forrester and Marsh for the groundbreaking capabilities of its AI, Darktrace significantly reduces cyber risk for over 6,800 organizations globally.

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Why Darktrace?

Self-learning AI
Detects novel and sophisticated cyber-threats
Autonomous Response
Targeted action contains machine-speed attacks
Enterprise-wide approach
Protection across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, email, endpoints and industrial systems
Enhances existing investments
Seamlessly integrates with a wide range of technologies

500+ partners worldwide

As attackers continue to innovate and develop novel techniques, a new era of sophisticated cyber-threats has emerged. Self-Learning AI is now a necessity for overstretched human teams, detecting the subtle signs of an attack and responding at machine speed.

Over 6,800 organizations now rely on Darktrace’s self-learning technology to contain fast-moving and stealthy cyber-threats that are missed by traditional security tools.

“Autonomous cyber defense is the fundamental enabler of the widespread digital transformation taking place across the world today.”
Clare Barclay, CEO, Microsoft UK
Seamlessly integrates with other technologies for extended AI defense.
Deployed in minutes, results in hours and days.
“Our strategic partnership with Darktrace has been a phenomenal success.”
James Vintin, CEO, Grove

Darktrace Global Partner Program

Darktrace is committed to ensuring partners have the support they need to succeed, with dedicated account and alliance teams on hand to support associates. The Darktrace Global Partner Program empowers partners and their customers to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape.

Marketing collaboration
Co-branded marketing events, PR, and collateral
Opportunity exclusivity
Lead registration ensures protection of opportunities
Bespoke sales support
Monthly training and dedicated workshops

Darktrace’s world-class Self-Learning AI enables MSSP partners to uplift and extend their security teams by providing autonomous detection, investigation, and response across their customer environments – allowing employees to focus on higher-level tasks. With seamless interoperability, Darktrace’s AI shares its insights and takes action alongside other security solutions: enhancing MSSP partners’ existing investments, ensuring an enterprise-wide security strategy, and streamlining the SOC’s workflow.


Consultancy partners benefit from complimentary 30-day trials of Darktrace’s technology which introduce their customers to Self-Learning AI. These trials are designed to demonstrate the need for autonomous cyber security, empowering teams to stop novel and sophisticated threats across the digital business before they progress into fully-fledged attacks. Partners are competitively rewarded for successful introductions.


Darktrace integrates seamlessly with other technologies to enable partners’ customers to leverage Self-Learning AI wherever they operate. By ingesting alerts and insights from other solutions, Darktrace brings rich, host-level context to bear on threat detections and response, extends visibility, and delivers AI investigations across the security stack. These integrations are custom-built and unique to each technology partner.

Value Added Reseller

Protecting organizations of all industries and sizes, Darktrace enables Value Added Reseller partners to bring market-leading Self-Learning AI directly to a wide-range of customers in ways that best suit their business practices. With enhanced monitoring, bespoke threat analysis, and Autonomous Response across the entire digital ecosystem, Self-Learning AI delivers time savings and tailored insights that are vital for customers in today’s threat landscape.


Distribution partners are offered the unique opportunity to oversee the entire sales process of the Darktrace Immune System platform with regional vendors – from selecting partners to delivering Self-Learning AI technology to customers’ digital ecosystems. Offering more coverage, faster detection, Autonomous Response, and AI-driven threat insights, businesses choose Darktrace time and time again. Please note, Darktrace currently only accepts distribution partners in Latin America and Asia-Pacific.