The Darktrace Partner Program advances Darktrace’s mission to deliver next-generation Enterprise Immune System technology to corporations around the world, in response to the increasing challenge of serious, sophisticated cyber threats.

Darktrace partners range from small consulting organizations with strong intelligence backgrounds and subject matter expertise, to traditional Value-Added-Resellers (VARs), Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) and technology partners that offer solutions that complement Darktrace’s solution.

Existing Partners

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New Partners

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 US: +1 415 229 9100
 Europe: +44 (0) 20 7930 1350
 Asia-Pacific: +65 6804 5010

Becoming a Darktrace Partner

Darktrace offers a wide variety of partnership options that align closely with our partners’ expertise and go-to-market plan. These options include:

  • Joint marketing/joint selling partnership
  • Referral agreement
  • Reseller agreement

Darktrace leverages its partner community to help identify new prospects and customers. The Darktrace reseller agreement is uniquely structured to reward the partner for its efforts and introductions, by offering aggressive discounts from the very first sale.

Unlike other partner programs that require a partner to achieve large sale thresholds or quotas before receiving significant product discounts, Darktrace offers standard, attractive discount rates from the initial sale. Furthermore, the partner program is structured to increase those discount rates depending on the unique value and deliverables that the partner is willing to offer the customer, including but not limited to Level 1/Level 2 customer support and the delivery of weekly Threat Intelligence Reports (TIR).

Apply to become a Darktrace Partner
 US: +1 415 229 9100
 Europe: +44 (0) 20 7930 1350
 Asia-Pacific: +65 6804 5010

Partner Benefits

Opportunity Exclusivity Program

Darktrace’s Opportunity Exclusivity Program (OEP) eliminates conflicts with other channel partners and Darktrace’s direct sales team. By registering an opportunity, the partner is guaranteed select pricing, as well as exclusive sales and technical support from key Darktrace personnel. The process to register an opportunity is easy and simple. Once an opportunity registration form is completed and submitted, Darktrace will ensure that there is no conflict, approve the registration and notify the partner within 2 days.

Co-Marketing Support and Lead Generation

Darktrace is made up of former government intelligence experts with well-known reputations in the cyber community. We offer these experts as well as an ongoing co-marketing investment to extend our reach and support the partner community with co-sponsored events, speaking engagements, webinars, etc. These co-marketed/co-branded activities have proven to be effective lead generation programs and offer validation, education, and differentiation of the Darktrace solution.

Commercial Sales Enablement and Certification

A partner’s ability to effectively position Darktrace, deliver key messages, and demonstrate the product will help ensure a successful relationship from an early stage. As a result, Darktrace offers a half-day ‘sales enablement’ certification class, which is designed to explain recommended sales techniques, operational aspects of our Partner Program and ‘lessons learned’ from the field.

As part of our ongoing investment in our growing partner community and to assist with this transition, Darktrace sales representatives accompany our partners on sales calls during the initial months of the relationship, to provide essential support, qualification assistance and ensure that the Darktrace story and product demonstration is delivered correctly and effectively.

The Darktrace team plays a prominent role during these initial opportunities. This sales enablement and transition period is proven to help partners deliver a consistent message, accelerate the training period and achieve sales success earlier.

POV and Technical Knowledge Transfer Certification

The Proof of Value (POV) process is an essential part of the Darktrace sales process and critical part of our engagement with customers. POVs are easy to do and further demonstrate our commitment and investment in our partner infrastructure.

When properly identified, a POV helps accelerate the sale cycle and increase the probability of success by demonstrating the value of the Enterprise Immune System in the customer’s environment. Whether offered as a conditional sale, paid POV, or without any charge, Darktrace will supply the appliance and work with the partner on the installation, support, delivery of the Threat Intelligence Reports (TIRs), and conversion of the sale during the 4-week POV. During the partner’s initial POV engagements Darktrace technical and cyber intelligence experts will work side-by-side with the partner to offer product knowledge and technical certification.

Darktrace Partner Portal

The Darktrace Partner Portal provides partners with access to instructive sales collateral, tools, demonstrations, news and training materials, as well as the ability to request Darktrace sales and technical support.

With valid credentials, partners have access to the most up-to-date information to help achieve success and maximize the benefits of the Partner Program.

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