What’s New

Darktrace for Google Workspace

Darktrace’s AI understands normal ‘patterns of life’ to detect threats that other tools miss, protecting the dynamic workforce across email, SaaS and the cloud.

As attackers continue to target remote workers via spear phishing, wire fraud and SaaS account takeover, Darktrace learns on the job, securing your entire Google Workspace environment with a single AI engine.

Single, unified AI platform that provides complete coverage
Understands the human
Every user analyzed for behavioral modeling
Proportionate response
Catches costly attacks missed by legacy security tools
Installs in 5 minutes
Virtual or hardware deployment available

Darktrace for Email: Secure your inbox with AI

Darktrace for Email is the world’s first Self-Learning AI email security solution. By learning the normal ‘pattern of life’ for every user within Google Workspace, the technology builds an evolving understanding of the human behind email communications.

While legacy email security tools look for known email attack vectors, Darktrace for Email is able to identify novel email threats that get through, including sophisticated phishing, business email compromise (BEC) and data leakage.

  • Advanced spear phishing
  • Supply chain attack
  • Spoofing and solicitation
  • Employee account takeover
Advanced spear phishing
Supply chain attack
Spoofing and solicitation
Employee account takeover
Installed in minutes.
Uses Google’s API.
No MX changes required.

Getting started with Darktrace for Google Workspace is easy and fast. Google Workspace’s data and metadata is immediately processed on configuration, allowing Darktrace for Email to gain an immediate knowledge of users, email addresses, correspondents, and routine operations.

Complete Google Workspace Coverage

Organizations trialing Darktrace for Email benefit from extended visibility and protection provided by Darktrace’s Google SaaS Module. Additional insights learned across Google Workspace allow Darktrace’s AI to accurately identify cases of account takeover, autonomously locking the account of the compromised user before harm can be done to the organization.

With unified understanding across email, SaaS and the cloud, the Darktrace Immune System can correlate activity across multiple environments, enabling greater detection, investigation and response capabilities.