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Darktrace for CrowdStrike

With the power of Self-Learning AI, Darktrace brings real-time visibility and adaptive, autonomous defense to your business.

The Darktrace Immune System provides a unified platform for AI-driven threat detection, investigation, and response across the business, ensuring your dynamic workforce is always protected.

The Darktrace platform integrates seamlessly with CrowdStrike to extend Self-Learning AI visibility. By ingesting alerts from CrowdStrike Falcon, Darktrace brings rich, host-level context to bear on AI detections and Cyber AI Analyst investigations across the business.

Seamless workflow
Provides seamless workflow between cyber defenses with one-click integration
Self-learning AI defense
Discovers unpredictable cyber-threats that other tools miss, from novel attacks to insider threats
Real-time visibility
Unifies capabilities, provides visibility across your security stack and your dynamic workforce
Cyber AI Analyst investigation
Automatic triaging and executive-friendly reporting on CrowdStrike alerts, providing enriched analysis for threat detection and response
“Together, Darktrace and CrowdStrike ensure that even the most subtle and persistent threats have nowhere to hide.”
CIO, Americas Styrenics

Benefits of Darktrace Integration with CrowdStrike

AI discovers unpredictable cyber-threats that other tools miss

The Darktrace Immune System relies on Self-Learning AI to understand the dynamic behaviors and relationships in an enterprise, without any prior assumptions, and adapts continuously as the business and workforce evolve. Autonomous, self-learning protection of this kind detects the earliest signs of an emerging threat – whether the attack is known or unknown, internal or external, subtle or fast moving.

Darktrace’s native integration with CrowdStrike extends the platform’s visibility to security events picked up by CrowdStrike at the endpoint, which are then merged with Darktrace’s analysis of ‘patterns of life’ in the rest of the environment. This includes behavior in email, cloud, and collaboration tools, as well as IoT, ICS, and the corporate network.

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AI Investigations automatically triage, interpret, and report on the full scope of security incidents

The Darktrace Immune System not only detects and contains unpredictable cyber-threats, but also automatically investigates the full scope of security incidents with Cyber AI Analyst. Trained on expert human analyst behavior, Cyber AI Analyst automatically stitches together disparate security events into a single security incident, and then communicates its findings in the form of a concise, digestible narrative that can be instantly shared with the relevant stakeholders in the organization or actioned elsewhere in the security workflow.

With the integration enabled, Cyber AI Analyst can incorporate CrowdStrike alerts into its AI investigations and even leverage CrowdStrike alerts as the trigger for a new investigation.

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