Darktrace for Ransomware

Organizations continue to be caught off-guard by advanced ransomware attacks. Autonomous Response stops ransomware without disrupting normal business operations.

The sheer speed at which ransomware spreads through an organization forces security teams to take drastic and heavy-handed action to stop threats – often with broad-ranging and serious implications.

As digital infrastructures become more interconnected, the knock-on effects of ransomware will continue to worsen. It’s time to shift to a proportionate response strategy – stopping the attack, while allowing your business to operate as it should.

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Discover how Autonomous Response would interrupt ransomware at 8 different stages of the attack life-cycle, from the initial intrusion, through to encryption.

Proportionate Autonomous Response for ransomware

Self-Learning AI is the only technology in the world that autonomously fights ransomware – without disrupting normal business operations.

It works by learning the normal ‘patterns of life’ for the organization – including its users, devices and servers – and identifies ransomware attacks within seconds, as they deviate from this norm.

Critically, Self-Learning AI takes targeted action to neutralize the ransomware, ensuring that an organization’s response is proportionate and doesn’t incur damaging and unintended knock-on effects.

With proportionate Autonomous Response, organizations can build cyber resilience to fight back against the full range of machine-speed attacks – wherever they strike.

“The threat of ransomware was a key driver in our adoption of Autonomous Response technology.”
Leon Shepherd, Chief Information Officer, Ted Baker

Key Benefits

Identifies known and unknown strains of ransomware
Stops only malicious activity without business disruption
No rules or signatures
Takes action in seconds

Defending critical infrastructure

Ransomware attacks are increasingly spilling over from IT systems into OT environments, and in the face of threats specifically targeted towards Industrial Control Systems, such as the EKANS ransomware, critical infrastructure is at greater risk than ever.

The Industrial Immune System understands the connection between malicious activity in IT systems and behavior in OT systems – making it capable of stopping cyber-threats no matter where they hit the organization.

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Darktrace for Email: Stopping ransomware at the source

Many ransomware attacks originate via email platforms, easily bypassing traditional email security which relies on rules and signatures.

With the power of Self-Learning AI, Darktrace for Email builds a deep understanding of the unique human behind the email address. It responds autonomously and proportionately to stop threats – whether that means holding back the email entirely, locking a link, or converting attachments to a harmless file type.

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