White Papers

Darktrace Discoveries 2018

As attackers learn to move at unprecedented speeds, organizations are embracing cyber AI to regain the advantage over today’s ever-changing adversary – and win. This report highlights nine real-world threat scenarios that were identified and neutralized by Darktrace’s powerful AI technology as they were emerging, before they could escalate into crises.

Darktrace Antigena: The Future of AI-Powered Autonomous Response

This white paper will explore the critical challenges that security teams face in this new era of cyber-threat, and how Darktrace Antigena is leveraging AI to autonomously fight back against advanced attacks, giving human responders the critical time needed to catch up.

Cyber AI and Darktrace Cloud

This white paper examines the security gaps that Darktrace’s platform fills using machine learning and AI. By learning the full extent of your organization’s evolving ‘pattern of life’, Darktrace’s AI is uniquely suited to detect and neutralize subtle deviations indicative of a threat in the cloud, in concert with your ever-changing digital estate.

Darktrace Threat Report 2018

Lurking beneath the surface of enterprises today are in-progress cyber-threats, ranging from new vulnerabilities to advanced attackers that have taken hold of critical information. This report highlights some of the most significant trends in the cyber-threat landscape, and feature case studies of real-world threats that Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System has uncovered.

Machine Learning in the Era of Cyber AI

This white paper explains Darktrace’s approach to machine learning and shines a light on the unique interplay between unsupervised machine learning, supervised machine learning, and deep learning behind the world’s leading cyber AI technology.

General Data Protection Regulation

The implementation of GDPR represents one of the most significant events in data protection regulatory history. Darktrace is applicable to a range of requirements under GDPR. Darktrace provides the real-time visibility required to make intelligence-based decisions in live situations, while enabling in-depth investigations into historical activity.

NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

While primarily aimed at organizations that own or operate critical infrastructure, the NIST Framework can be advantageous for any organization that implements it, in any industry, as it provides concrete guidance on how to measure and improve an organization’s cyber security.

Complying with New York DFS Cybersecurity Regulations

This white paper explains how Darktrace can help financial services organizations comply with key areas of the new 23 NYCRR 500 regulation, particularly with some of the more challenging measures, such as the 72-hour rule, managing third-party risk, and detecting and responding to cyber-threats.

Darktrace and the SAMA Cyber Security Framework

This white paper explains how Darktrace can help financial services organizations comply with the regulations of the new SAMA Cyber Security Framework. Applicable to a range of requirements, Darktrace AI will enable businesses in Saudi Arabia to meet the most challenging obligations of the framework.

Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems: A New Approach

This white paper discusses Darktrace's Industrial Immune System, a fundamental innovation that views data from an Industrial Control System network in real time, and establishes an evolving baseline for what is normal for operators, workstations and automated systems within that environment.

Darktrace and the UK NIS Directive

This white paper explains how OES organizations in the UK that deploy Darktrace's Industrial Immune System will be able to conform to the EU's NIS Directive, the obligations of which must be fulfilled by May 2018.

The Australian NDB Scheme is a legislative framework that introduces rigorous and mandatory data breach notification provisions for all entities regulated by the Privacy Act 1988. This white paper explains how Darktrace detects the earliest signs of anomalous activity to ensure compliance.

Threat Discoveries: What Darktrace Industrial Finds

This report provides several case studies of alerts raised in real industrial networks where Darktrace was deployed. Each example features a description of the alert and the outcome of the specific investigation.

Data Sheets

Darktrace Cloud & SaaS: Product Overview
Darktrace Services
Darktrace for Mergers & Acquisitions
Industry Spotlight: Cyber Defense for Energy & Utilities
Industry Spotlight: Cyber Defense for Financial Services
Industry Spotlight: Cyber Defense for Retail & e-Commerce
Cyber Defense for the Telecommunications Industry
Darktrace and SIEMs
Enterprise Immune System: What’s New in Version 3
Customer & Analyst Reviews Report

This report includes independent validation of Darktrace, the world’s leading AI company for cyber security, from a variety of third-party sources, including customer testimonials, analyst reports, and industry awards.

Darktrace Inoculation

Case Studies

Major Risk Management Company
Global Sporting Goods Manufacturer
Maritime Electrical Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing
Gibraltar’s Leading Vehicle Supplier
Leading Billing and Payment Provider
Premier Provider of Digital Payment Solutions
UK Real Estate Investment Trust
Global Contract Manufacturing Organization
Major US Television Broadcaster
Leading UK Energy Saving Organization
Canadian Energy Distribution Company
British Transport Group
Major UK Provider of Critical Infrastructure
Medical Technology Company
Global Financial Services Company
Leading Korean Insurance Company
Leading Outdoor Footwear Retailer
Global Technology Company
British Smart Grid Company
South African Insurance Company
Pioneer of Digital Credential Management Services
Leading UK Reinsurer of Terrorism Risk
Leading Digital Service Provider
Media Content Company
Online Car Rental Service
British Military Charity
Leading UK Law Firm for Pensions & Retirement Savings
Leading International Manufacturer
Leading Scottish Accountancy Firm
Premier Provider of Public Safety Software Solutions
Global Furniture Manufacturer
World’s Largest Manufacturer of Dried Fruit
Leading Healthcare Provider
Canadian Telecommunications Solutions Provider
Leading US Credit Union
Independent International School
Leading Manufacturer of High-Energy Microbatteries

Video Case Studies

Customer Insights: Self-Learning Cyber Defense
Hear how the Enterprise Immune System is used at first hand – Darktrace customers reveal the benefits of self-learning defense technology.
The Farrer Park Company
Hear from James Woo, CIO at the Farrer Park Company: "We feel that every organization has different 'patterns of life' and this is where [Darktrace's] unsupervised machine learning excels. It is also able to establish a higher accurate understanding of what is considered normal, and spot the abnormal activity, so it's not one size fits all."
Science Museum Group
CIO Jason Oliver describes how Darktrace “is changing the way we work” at the Science Museum Group, the most visited school attraction in the UK.
International Baccalaureate
Richard Jenkins, Global Head of Security & Risk at the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), discusses why his team relies on Darktrace's autonomous response capability: "Antigena allows us to respond to such a high level of incidents. We would need at least another 40, to 50, to 60 staff to do that manually."
Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks
Hear Director of IT Matthew Berg describe how Darktrace became “another member of the team” at Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks thanks to its ability to autonomously detect emerging threats.
Heritage Education Funds
Doug Topalovic, the Vice President of IT at Heritage Education Funds, discusses how he uses Darktrace to keep critical client data safe.
City of Las Vegas
Michael Sherwood, CIO of City of Las Vegas, explains how implementing Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System with its autonomous defense capability fundamentally transformed their cyber security posture.
City of Westland, Michigan
Hear how Dan Bourdeau, the CIO for the City of Westland, uses Darktrace as a “truth platform” giving his security team unbiased threat detection across the entire digital estate.
TruWest Credit Union
As a prominent US credit union, TruWest was faced with a number of challenges when securing its network and critical digital assets against cyber attackers. With the threat landscape evolving rapidly, and the cost of breaches rising, TruWest security chief Chris Sprague discusses how Darktrace gave his team a new way of approaching cyber security.
Livingston County
Rich Malewicz, Chief Information Officer for Livingston County, explains how Darktrace’s advanced threat detection and autonomous response capabilities has augmented his team, reduced costs and made the county safer.
Established in 1996, ZPower is a leading manufacturer of rechargeable, silver-zinc microbatteries. Faced with an unfamiliar and fast-evolving threat landscape, that includes subtle attacks, insider threats, and ransomware, ZPower’s IT team sought to develop a robust security stack that could help mitigate these risks.
Scott Clark, Associated VP of IT & Information Security, explains how Inphi, a leading provider of high-speed data movement interconnects, relies on Darktrace to detect and respond to threats across the digital enterprise.

Industry Analyst Reports

IDC Perspective: Making Strides in Cybersecurity

This case study from leading analyst firm IDC tells the story of Milton Keynes University Hospital (MKUH) NHS Foundation Trust in England, which deployed Darktrace’s cyber AI platform to fight back against advanced attacks in the wake of last year’s global WannaCry campaign.

Ovum: ‘Darktrace AI powers all phases of threat defense’

This report from leading analyst firm Ovum declares Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System “a strong example of leveraging artificial intelligence” and “one of the few cases where talk about use of AI in cyber security has turned into action”.

451 Research: ‘Darktrace succeeding with a focus on the ‘good’ and the ‘not good enough’’

This report analyzes how Darktrace's use of unsupervised machine learning is positioning it as the leader in anomaly detection, and outlines how Darktrace Antigena autonomously responds to potential threats in real time.

‘Immune System’ Cyber Security for SCADA Systems

Simon Fellows, Darktrace's Head of Security and Technical Director, has produced this white paper discussing the ‘immune system’ approach to cyber security for SCADA systems. The paper provides detailed technical insight into how Darktrace works across operational technology environments, including in SCADA systems, and includes multiple use case examples.

451 Research: ‘Darktrace is immune to old security ideas’

This report from 451 Research provides an overview of Darktrace’s technology and products, along with the current state of the cyber-security industry and where Darktrace fits in today’s landscape.

Gartner Cool Vendors 2015

In this annual report highlighting the most innovative vendors in the industry, Gartner’s Earl Perkins explains how Darktrace is using unsupervised machine learning to combat cyber threats in the Energy and Utilities industry.

Ovum ‘On the Radar: Darktrace detects threats with machine learning’

Ovum’s Rik Turner outlines and analyzes Darktrace’s unique approach to cybersecurity and how it fulfills the need for anomaly-based threat detection without rules and signatures.


Darktrace Education

Darktrace Education offers a training service that allows you to rapidly learn how to use and get the best value from Darktrace solutions. Our training accelerates the knowledge transfer, supports user adoption and lowers your total cost of ownership. With a global team of experienced instructors and subject matter experts, our mission is to deliver the best possible learning experience.

Training courses

Combining theory with practical exercises, our trainings courses are interactive, ensuring participants fully understand the capabilities and features of our technology. Using fast-track training methods, the majority of the training will take place in a lecture and workshop environment following lessons that will challenge the trainee and aid them during the learning process. Our courses are modular by design allowing students to focus on specific learning objectives and each course provides participants with fully documented training manuals which set out the tasks and lessons planned.

Courses include:

The Threat Visualizer course is an essential training program that enables you to get the most out of Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System software. Darktrace’s training course ensures that you can maximize the Threat Visualizer’s full potential and apply best practice methods that lead to successful deployments.

As part of Darktrace’s worldwide Partner Program, Darktrace Education has developed a fast-paced training program that empowers Darktrace Partners to deploy and support Darktrace solutions. This program consolidates the vital learning objectives taken from our entire training portfolio and combines this with architectural design considerations, deployment, and best practices in order to provide an end-to-end training course for security professionals.

Training delivery options

At Darktrace Education we offer training services in the environment best suited to your needs:

Public training

Complimentary to all customers of Darktrace, our Education team operates an open public training schedule around the world. Delivered online, all you need to do is register for a course via the Darktrace website, then on the day of the training, using your own computer, just get connected, put your headset on (VOIP) or dial into the conference line to speak to a Darktrace instructor.

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) makes training more accessible allowing geographically dispersed teams to access the training from wherever they are located, and saving valuable time by permitting the student to stay in the office during the training sessions. Participants can attend as many training sessions as they need – training is unlimited, allowing for refresher or new staff training.

Online training schedule

Our public online training courses have been designed to maximise your time in the classroom. Sessions are typically 3 – 4 hours, allowing you to learn and manage your day job.

The sessions will be lecture format using a public cloud instance of the Darktrace Enterprise Immune System. Hands-on exercises will also allow attendees to practice what they have learnt on their own corporate instance of Darktrace (with appropriate account access). Questions will be gathered via chat and answered both via chat and live during the presentation as appropriate. An additional audio Q&A period will be available after the session for those interested in participating.

View our training schedule and register for a course today by visiting the Customer Portal

Private training

Darktrace also offers private tuition, delivered in full-day sessions with a dedicated Instructor.

Our team provides flexible delivery options to suit your training requirements:

Remote training

Our private remote tuition service makes training more accessible allowing geographically dispersed teams to access the training from wherever they are located, and saving valuable time by permitting the student to stay in the office during the training sessions. All they need to do is put on a headset and get online to attend the training session with a live dedicated instructor.

On-site training

On-site training is most convenient when your team members are located in the same region.

Darktrace Education will send one of our Instructors to your chosen site to conduct the training. The benefits of our on-site service are identical to remote training with the added benefit of receiving face-to-face training with a private instructor.

To arrange a private training event please contact your Darktrace Account Executive.

Instructional videos

To further accelerate the learning process, Darktrace Education also provides unlimited access to our library of Instructional Videos. Accessed via Darktrace’s Customer Portal, users have on-demand complimentary training at their fingertips.

Developed by our experienced Instructors and Analysts, we offer a modular approach to learning, allowing students to focus on specific topics which can be played again and again to reinforce the key learning objectives of the lessons.

Our instructors

The learning experience we deliver is the most important aspect of our service. Our instructors are dedicated full-time professionals, highly trained as subject matter experts in their field.

Our instructors deliver training with enthusiasm and are respectful to students and their needs at all times. At the end of each training course, students provide highly valued feedback, which we use this to continuously optimize and develop our training courses. It is through this process and our structured learning philosophy that our classes are greatly valued and appreciated by participants.

“The training was absolutely excellent. An excellent trainer and clearly knows the product inside out.”
“We learned a lot and the manual is superb too; perfectly clear and simple. It’ll be great to rely on it to refresh our memory about what we’ve learned.”
“Excellent training session. Well communicated, great content, really interesting and beneficial.”

Contact us

If you would like to inquire about our training services or schedule a training session, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].