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Darktrace for SaaS

Darktrace for SaaS neutralizes unpredictable attacks in cloud and collaboration tools.

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Detects and responds to attacks others miss

AI stops insider threats, account takeover, and personnel risks

Decisions based on Self-Learning AI

Understands the human behind corporate cloud accounts

Responds in seconds

Reacts faster than human defenders and automated attacks

AI protection for cloud & collaboration

Darktrace protects your dynamic workforce from subtle attacks that evade static and siloed defenses.

Insider threat
Neutralizes admin abuse and insider data theft
Compromised credentials
Surgically interrupts account takeover and brute-force attacks
Remote personnel risks
Stops accidental data loss, manipulation, or destruction

Protecting the workforce with
Self-Learning AI

From Microsoft Teams to SharePoint, Darktrace responds with surgical precision when trusted cloud accounts are being used carelessly or for more malicious purposes.

Powered by Self-Learning AI, Autonomous Response takes dynamic action in seconds — not minutes — and well before SaaS attacks have time to escalate.

Protecting your workforce with Darktrace

Stops subtle SaaS attacks

Darktrace understands the multidimensional human behind corporate cloud accounts, adapting autonomously as the people and patterns in an organization evolve. Self-learning protection of this kind enables Darktrace to adapt to the inherent flux of digital business, while neutralizing unpredictable attacks that evade static and siloed defenses — from accidental data leaks to savvy or disgruntled insiders.

Reacts surgically, in seconds

Unlike policy-based defenses, Darktrace operates as an AI decision-making framework that takes action in light of a dynamic understanding of user behavior across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This enables swift and targeted action that stops SaaS attacks while allowing the business to operate.

Darktrace SaaS Console

The Darktrace SaaS Console is a dedicated user interface designed to highlight malicious or risky behavior occurring across your diverse cloud footprint.

This allows security teams to visualize and monitor security incidents and Darktrace for SaaS actions in one centralized location.

Autonomous Response for Microsoft 365

Organizations can seamlessly extend the scope of the immune system technology to enable autonomous detection, investigation, and response across additional data sources and types of behavior at scale.

In many deployments, Darktrace is deployed for SaaS alongside Email to deliver extended protection of an organization’s Microsoft 365 environment. By analyzing inbound and outbound email traffic, Darktrace for Email neutralizes targeted email campaigns and impersonation attacks that evade the email gateway.

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