AI-powered cyber-attacks: It’s not a fair game

AI and machine learning will soon be used by attackers to increase the speed, scale, and sophistication of their campaigns. These highly targeted and sophisticated threats are supercharged on multiple fronts, creating stealthier, faster and more effective attacks.

No matter how often static rules and signatures are updated, AI attacks will always be one step ahead. In the face of malicious AI, only defensive AI can meaningfully fight back.

Darktrace’s Cyber AI technology detects the novel and sophisticated threats that evade signature-based tools, and generates a surgical response at machine-speed to contain cyber-attacks in their earliest stages.

Over 5,500 organizations have augmented their security team with Cyber AI to fight back in this new cyber-threat landscape.

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Defensive AI vs Offensive AI

Cyber AI puts the control back in the hands of the defenders by augmenting human security teams and shining a light on every corner of the digital estate.

Whereas offensive AI will be limited by an attacker’s specific intrusion points, and therefore have limited visibility from which to make autonomous decisions, defensive AI learns the ‘pattern of life’ for every user, device, and all the relationships between them, to detect even the most subtle deviations from ‘normal’.

Darktrace’s AI uses this breadth of context to take autonomous, surgical action at machine speed, proportionately neutralizing a threat without causing disruption to the business and stopping advanced attacks before they escalate into a crisis.

In an era where algorithm is pitted against algorithm, AI is not a nice-to-have – it’s a fundamental ally to human teams who are too often outpaced by today’s cyber-threats.

Cyber security officials concerned about AI-augmented cyber-attacks
58% of cyber security officials are concerned about AI-augmented cyber-attacks

Enabling Autonomous Cyber Security

With the frequency and ferocity of cyber-attacks moving beyond size and scale that humans can address, every business is left vulnerable. Organizations must enable an autonomous cyber strategy to protect their employees, secure critical data, and avoid operational disruption.

Hosted by MIT Technology Review and presented by Darktrace, these short presentations take you inside the minds of researchers, development teams, and those on the frontline of cyber defense — exploring how Cyber AI protects digital infrastructures and dynamic workforces, keeping pace with the evolving threat landscape.

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The future of AI-powered cyber-attacks

Discover how attackers can use AI to augment the attack kill chain — and how companies are responding to the challenge.

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