For the first time, the machine fights back

Darktrace’s AI protects against emerging cyber-threats by learning a ‘pattern of life’ for everyone and everything within a business; to distinguish between normal and abnormal, and friend from foe. Like a ‘digital antibody’, the AI takes precise action against subtle malicious behavior in seconds, giving your security team time to catch up.

It takes an average of 2 seconds for Antigena to stop an emerging cyber-threat.

AI Attacks & the Battle of the Algorithms

White Paper

Cyber-criminals are beginning to adopt basic machine-learning methods to launch increasingly customized, targeted, and evasive attacks at scale.

As organizations in turn start relying on Cyber AI as the only technology capable of thwarting such attacks, a battle of algorithms is commencing.

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“Darktrace represents a new frontier in AI-based cyber defense. Our team now has complete, real-time coverage across our SaaS applications, cloud containers, and city-wide distributed sensors.”
Michael Sherwood, Director of Innovation & Technology, City of Las Vegas

Autonomous Response Powered by Cyber AI

Darktrace Antigena is crucial for defending against fast-moving threats including ransomware, phishing and automated attacks. Its autonomous decisions are:

  • Designed to minimize the impact of attacks
  • Proportionate, surgical, and made in real time
  • Coordinated with other security controls, like firewalls
  • Informed by data across cloud, email, IoT, network and SaaS
  • Driven by AI algorithms with the ability for humans to stay in control

Antigena autonomous response technology acts as the AI brain to make informed decisions during in-progress attacks. This technology augments human security teams, buying them necessary time. It leverages your existing security investments as it takes action. This makes your existing team and tools more effective in responding to real-time attacks.