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In the News

Darktrace CEO: The future of cybersecurity is AI vs AI
Nicole Eagan sits down with Fortune to discuss the expanding attack surface, explaining how everything from an HVAC system to a video conferencing device can be an in-road for an attacker.
Darktrace’s David Masson discusses Canada’s new National Cyber Security Strategy
On LCN’s Le 9h, David Masson breaks down the different elements of the Canadian government’s new security strategy.
Darktrace’s Dave Palmer and Max Heinemeyer on Risky Business
Dave Palmer (Director of Technology) and Max Heinemeyer (Director of Threat Hunting) discuss how Darktrace is cutting through the hype around AI in cyber defence and how autonomous response will be crucial for cyber security moving forward.
Darktrace's Justin Fier on ICS-based cryptomining
Justin Fier, Director of Cyber Intelligence for Darktrace, talks about the rise of crypto mining attacks that are targeting industrial control systems.
Darktrace’s Nicole Eagan discusses regulation and the big internet companies
On CNBC’s Street Signs, Darktrace’s Nicole Eagan argues that we are at a tipping point, and up until now, the internet has been the Wild, Wild West. People are starting to ask tough questions of the big internet companies.
Darktrace’s David Masson speaks about using AI to fight back against evolving threats on TVA Nouvelles
Cyber-threats are evolving at an unprecedented rate, from automated ransomware to silent and stealthy attacks. Canadian companies are turning to AI technology for the answer. Hear David Masson speak about how organizations use AI to identify and respond to never-before-seen threats in real time.
Darktrace’s Sanjay Aurora on how Japan is attracting foreign tech innovations
Sanjay Aurora, APAC Managing Director of Darktrace, talks about the attractiveness of investment in Japan and the prospects of the Japanese cybersecurity market.
Darktrace's David Masson interviewed at CAMSS Ontario
David Masson, Country Manager for Canada at Darktrace, speaks about how AI is transforming cyber defense, what companies need to be doing to protect their networks, and how the cyber security industry is likely to evolve in coming years.
More help on the way for cybersecurity
Artificial intelligence is crucial for the next wave on cybersecurity threats, says Darktrace’s Sanjay Aurora on CNBC’s Squawk Box.
Darktrace’s Justin Fier on how artificial intelligence can improve network health
Darktrace’s Justin Fier speaks to Bank Info Security about how artificial intelligence can improve network health by building a "pattern of life" for every device, user and network.
Darktrace’s David Masson appears on CBC
David Masson, Country Manager for Canada at Darktrace, discusses the cyber arms race, and the difficulties that the evolving cyber-threat landscape poses for defenders.
Darktrace’s David Masson speaking with Kris McCusker on 680 News
David Masson, Country Manager for Canada at Darktrace, speaks about what cyber trends we can expect to see in 2018 and what strategies organizations can employ to help protect their networks from the modern threat landscape.


MacRobert Award 2019 Finalist: Darktrace
Darktrace have been selected as a 2019 MacRobert Award finalist for Antigena, our autonomous response AI that can both identify and neutralise cyber-attacks.
The cyber challenge: Innovating our way out
Poppy Gustafsson, Co-CEO of Darktrace, discusses why humans are vulnerable to attackers, how hackers are becoming increasingly innovative and ultimately how cyber AI can help us invent ourselves out of the problem.
Cyber AI for threat detection – a new era of defence
Darktrace CEO Nicole Eagan talks about the use of generative adversarial networks: algorithms that could mimic the look of real data and allow intruders to go undetected.
Autonomous Response
Security teams can’t be everywhere. Autonomous response is there to stop threats spreading – giving your team time to catch up. Hundreds of business leaders sleep better at night knowing AI has got their back.
Cyber AI: An Immune System Approach
Threats are lurking in all corners of your enterprise – but can you see them, let alone stop them? Learn how an immune system approach keeps pace with your changing business, and an evolving threat landscape, using world-leading artificial intelligence.
Drawing the future of cybersecurity with Nicole Eagan
Darktrace CEO Nicole Eagan explains how artificial intelligence can be used to stop attacks on connected devices.
Using Cyber AI to protect critical infrastructure
Martin Sloan, Group Head of Security, Drax: “I often describe Darktrace as life insurance. It catches anomalous behavior and deals with the incident immediately.” Find out how AI is being using to defend Drax power station, the largest coal-powered plant in the UK.
Darktrace’s Dave Palmer: How will AI impact the future of cyber crime?
Darktrace’s Dave Palmer presents this Codex Talk at the World's Top 50 Innovators Series 2017.
Enterprise Immune System: Version 3
This major upgrade of Darktrace’s flagship cyber defense platform, Version 3 (v3), focuses on ease-of use for newer security analysts while pushing the upper limits of AI for expert analysts.
MacRobert Award 2017 Finalist: Darktrace
Darktrace is one of three finalists for the UK’s top innovation prize: the MacRobert Award. Watch this video produced by the Royal Academy of Engineering to find out why.
451 Research: Self-Learning Cyber Defense
451 Research’s Scott Crawford, Research Director for the Information Security Channel, demystifies machine learning, arguing for self-learning cyber defense.
Antigena: The Machine Fights Back
Autonomous response is here. Learn about Darktrace Antigena, the digital antibody of the Enterprise Immune System, capable of fighting back against in-progress attacks.

Customer Case Studies

Customer Insights: Self-Learning Cyber Defense
Hear how the Enterprise Immune System is used at first hand – Darktrace customers reveal the benefits of self-learning defense technology.
Global Travel
“With Darktrace, we have a peace of mind that our data and internal systems are protected.” James Chua, General Manager of Global Travel, explains how deploying Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System gave the company visibility into its network and the ability to detect signs of unauthorized data exfiltration or insider threat, to protect and secure troves of customer data.
eBay Classifieds Group
"The ability to see and take action is key, which is why we are so excited about the Antigena capability that Darktrace has." Hear from James Bynoe, Head of Cyber & Information Security from eBay Classified, on how Darktrace's AI for cyber can raise the bar and help small teams' performance "by having artificial intelligence as a component of your overall program".
Gallagher-Kaiser Corporation
Gallagher-Kaiser Corporation is a Michigan based turn-key supplier of paint finishing systems, commercial HVAC, and mechanical automotive systems. Hear from Rick Bertoncin, Director of Technology and Security: "I truly think everybody should have artificial intelligence as part of their arsenal in cyber security."
In an effort to protect its foundational intellectual property as well as its sensitive customer, employee, and partner information, Aqua-Leisure deployed Darktrace’s self-learning technology. According to Leonard Galinsky, Director of IT for Aqua-Leisure, "Darktrace has allowed us to gain unprecedented insight."
Pacific Dental Services
Hear from Nemi George, Senior Director of Information Security at Pacific Dental Services discuss how Darktrace’s cyber AI defends its network from the inside out.
"We can't have humans fighting the bad guys all the time, they just move too fast. We need help from AI in order prioritize, identify threats, and provide context around those threats in our networks. Ultimately, Darktrace AI can cut down the amount of time that we spend responding to breaches." Hear from Matt Wood, Global Information Security Manager at Trek Bikes, on the benefits of Darktrace's AI for cyber defense.
Jamie Hassan, Senior Technical Engineer at Suzuki GB, discusses how Darktrace gives 100% real-time visibility and better understanding of their digital enterprise.
The Farrer Park Company
Hear from James Woo, CIO at the Farrer Park Company: "We feel that every organization has different 'patterns of life' and this is where [Darktrace's] unsupervised machine learning excels. It is also able to establish a higher accuracy understanding of what is considered normal and spot the abnormal activity, so it's not one size fits all."
Science Museum Group
This collection of British museums — including the world-renowned Science Museum in London — is the UK’s most visited school attraction. With a small cyber security team, as is typical among charitable organizations, the Science Museum Group uses Darktrace as a force multiplier. Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System allows that team to concentrate on investigating only the most important threats, which Darktrace intelligently detects.
International Baccalaureate
The International Baccalaureate is a highly accredited educational nonprofit headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Its four core programs — which focus on teaching critical thinking to students from age 3 to 19 — are taught in more than 150 companies around the world. By delivering real-time threat detection and autonomous response, Darktrace enables the foundation to secure the data it collects from parents and students alike, while also helping it remain compliant with regulations like GDPR.
Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks
Hear Director of IT Matthew Berg describe how Darktrace became “another member of the team” at Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks thanks to its ability to autonomously detect emerging threats.