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Banking on AI: How AI Defends Credit Unions Against Cyber-Attack

Thursday May 9, 2019

With trillions of dollars and invaluable personal information housed online, it is little wonder that the financial services industry represents the holy grail for today’s cyber-criminals, having suffered more security incidents than any other economic sector in each of the last two years. And as institutions whose reputations hinge on protecting their members’ savings and privacy, credit unions in particular can ill-afford to employ the same cyber defenses that criminals have consistently bypassed.

Cyber AI is a fundamentally different approach to safeguarding the world’s financial assets. Whereas traditional security tools detect only known attacks using fixed rules and signatures, cyber AI systems continuously learn the unique ‘pattern of life’ for each user, device, and network they defend, enabling them to autonomously neutralize never-before-seen threats that cause subtly anomalous behavior. Artificial intelligence has empowered credit unions to finally fight back against their online adversaries.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Where criminals and malicious insiders are exploiting legacy security tools
  • What the migration of critical assets to the cloud means for cyber defense
  • Why autonomous response is imperative in an era of automated threats
  • How Darktrace cyber AI protects its credit union clients like TruWest

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