Protecting Your Dynamic Workforce with Cyber AI

Today’s workforce is dispersed and agile. From a security perspective, user behavior is more disjointed than ever – cutting across a wide range of technologies and services, and often operating well beyond the traditional network.

The static nature of legacy security tools makes them ill-equipped to catch the sophisticated threat actors that target your distributed workforce – by compromising a user’s Microsoft 365 credentials, exploiting vulnerabilities in IoT or cloud software, or tricking an employee into opening a malicious attachment.

As organizations accelerate digital transformation and adjust to a new normal, their cyber defenses must be adaptive and evolve with their changing business users. Powered by self-learning AI, Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System is the only solution that learns as it goes, delivering comprehensive protection across your entire workforce – no matter where they work, or the nature of their applications.

Watch a demo of Cyber AI in action

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Protecting your dynamic workforce

Darktrace Cyber AI: Understanding the Human

Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System is the only solution that detects, investigates, and responds to emerging cyber-threats – before they do damage.

Like the human immune system, the technology works by learning the normal ‘pattern of life’ for every user as they interact with IT systems and consume data. Rather than relying on static rules, the Enterprise Immune System uses self-learning AI to understand the human in all their complexity and subtlety, and in the context of your company’s unique digital environment.

Whereas other tools treat users as a single and isolated email address or SaaS credentials, Darktrace understands the dynamic and changing patterns of work for every employee, making it the only technology that continually adapts to unpredictable and sophisticated cyber-threats. Whether your workforce is targeted by the next spear phishing campaign, novel ransomware variant, or an insider threat, Darktrace’s Cyber AI will autonomously discover and contain the attack before it can make an impact.

Key Benefits

  • Self-learning detection
  • AI-driven triage
  • Autonomous response
  • 100% visibility
Self-learning detection
Learns ‘on the job’ and adapts continuously
AI-driven triage
Cyber AI Analyst investigates threats at speed and scale
Autonomous response
Antigena contains attacks with surgical precision
100% visibility
Unified view across email, cloud, and the corporate network

Darktrace Workforce Coverage

Cloud account takeover

Spots compromised credentials in Microsoft 365, Salesforce, G Suite, Box, and more.

Data loss

Detects trusted users stealing, manipulating, or leaking critical data.

Targeted email attacks

Catches spear phishing, social engineering, and novel strains of ransomware.

Admin abuse

Identifies malicious administrator behavior, from sensitive file access to data destruction.

Darktrace’s AI learns ‘on the job’, illuminating behavior across our network and cloud in real time, and allowing us to defend our workforce with confidence.
CISO, Aptean