Informes técnicos

Cómo hacer frente a ciberataques impulsados por IA
Informe de amenazas para seguridad del correo electrónico 2020
Cyber AI para la seguridad de SaaS: Protección de su fuerza de trabajo dinámica
Darktrace Cyber AI: Un ‘sistema inmunológico’ para la seguridad de la nube
Cyber AI para sistemas de control industrial (ICS)

This white paper explores the development of ransomware attacks in 2021 and uncovers seven real-world threat finds stopped by Self-Learning AI.

2021 Cyber-Threat Landscape (en inglés)

This white paper uncovers five key threats observed across Darktrace’s customer base of over 5,000 organizations. These threat vectors were selected based on how frequently the attacks were seen, their likelihood of success, and the extent of the damage in the case of a successful attack.

Defending Critical Infrastructure Against Ransomware (en inglés)

The Colonial Pipeline ransomware incident highlighted the significant threat that ransomware poses to organizations overseeing industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT). This white paper will closely examine a real-world ransomware attack on an energy supplier that was detected in real time by self-learning AI technology.

Self-Learning Email Security (en inglés)

This white paper explores recent trends in the email threat landscape, and describes how AI is used to detect and respond to the full range of attacks targeting the inbox.

This white paper examines the technology and design principles behind Darktrace’s Cyber AI Analyst, a groundbreaking innovation that automates threat investigations at speed and scale.

2020: Threats in Review (en inglés)

This report explores the implications of the pandemic on the cyber-threat landscape, focussing on four key attack trends, from compromised SaaS credentials to ransomware.

Securing OEM networks involves challenges that require a solution that goes beyond securing specific OEM products in isolation. By providing full visibility, AI investigations, continuous detection and, where appropriate, autonomous response, self-learning AI complements static OEM security with adaptive defense capabilities.

The Evolution of Autonomous Response (en inglés)

This white paper explores the critical challenges that security teams face in today’s new era of cyber-threat and how Autonomous Response technology leverages AI to surgically and proportionately stop ongoing attacks, no matter how novel or sophisticated.

This technical white paper examines the multiple layers of machine learning that make up Darktrace’s Cyber AI, and how they are architected together to create an autonomous, system that self-updates, responding to, but not requiring, human input.

Triton 2.0 & The Future of OT Cyber-Attacks (en inglés)

This white paper evaluates the development of OT attack campaigns, identifying new trends in order to anticipate what an AI-augmented ‘Triton 2.0’ attack might look like.

General Data Protection Regulation (en inglés)

The implementation of GDPR represents one of the most significant events in data protection regulatory history. Darktrace is applicable to a range of requirements under GDPR. Darktrace provides the real-time visibility required to make intelligence-based decisions in live situations, while enabling in-depth investigations into historical activity.

NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (en inglés)

While primarily aimed at organizations that own or operate critical infrastructure, the NIST Framework can be advantageous for any organization that implements it, in any industry, as it provides concrete guidance on how to measure and improve an organization’s cyber security.

Complying with New York DFS Cybersecurity Regulations (en inglés)

This white paper explains how Darktrace can help financial services organizations comply with key areas of the new 23 NYCRR 500 regulation, particularly with some of the more challenging measures, such as the 72-hour rule, managing third-party risk, and detecting and responding to cyber-threats.

Darktrace and the SAMA Cyber Security Framework (en inglés)

This white paper explains how Darktrace can help financial services organizations comply with the regulations of the new SAMA Cyber Security Framework. Applicable to a range of requirements, Darktrace AI will enable businesses in Saudi Arabia to meet the most challenging obligations of the framework.

Darktrace and the UK NIS Directive (en inglés)

This white paper explains how the Darktrace AI platform helps your company to comply with the Cyber Assessment Framework of the EU's NIS Directive, released in April 2019.

Threat Discoveries: What Darktrace Industrial Finds (en inglés)

This report provides several case studies of alerts raised in real industrial networks where Darktrace was deployed. Each example features a description of the alert and the outcome of the specific investigation.

Darktrace Discoveries in Asia (en inglés)

As attackers learn to move at unprecedented speeds, organizations are embracing cyber AI to regain the advantage over today’s ever-changing adversary – and win. This special report highlights five real-world threat scenarios in Asia, that were identified and neutralized by Darktrace’s powerful AI technology as they were emerging, before they could escalate into crises.

This white paper explores the Australian cyber-threat landscape and the recent legislation and strategies introduced by Scott Morrison’s government, before taking a close look into how Cyber AI protects Australian organisations, including customer case studies and threat finds.

Australian Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme (en inglés)

The Australian NDB Scheme is a legislative framework that introduces rigorous and mandatory data breach notification provisions for all entities regulated by the Privacy Act 1988. This white paper explains how Darktrace detects the earliest signs of anomalous activity to ensure compliance.

Today’s organisations face remarkably urgent risk factors in an era of automated and fast-moving cyber-threats. Discover how Darktrace supports compliance with APRA CPS 234 with its self-learning Cyber AI, ensuring that threats are dealt with as soon as they arise and that all necessary information for auditing and reporting purposes is supplied.

Fichas técnicas

Darktrace Antigena: Product Overview
Stages of a Ransomware Attack (en inglés)
Darktrace for Mergers & Acquisitions (en inglés)
Cyber Defense for the Telecommunications Industry (en inglés)

Casos de estudios

Summit Design and Engineering Services (en inglés)
Summit Design and Engineering Services is a full services design, engineering and build firm with locations across the south east region of the US. Hear Director of IT Doug Edmunds discuss the firm’s approach to cyber security, including its deployment of Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI.
Pacific Dental Services (en inglés)
Hear from Nemi George, Senior Director of Information Security at Pacific Dental Services discuss how Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI defends the healthcare organization from advanced cyber-threats. Armed with Darktrace, their lean security team are able to “cut through the noise and focus on the things we need to focus on”.
ClubsNSW (en inglés)
Learn from David McGrath, CDO, why ClubsNSW have chosen Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI to augment their security and respond to threats across their organization 24/7.
Mainstream Renewable Power (en inglés)
Mark Kane, Global Head of Information Solutions at MRP, shares how his team use Darktrace to augment their security across their Microsoft platform.
McLaren Group (en inglés)
McLaren have turned to self-learning AI to protect every corner of their business from even the most advanced cyber-threats. Learn how Antigena Email defended the organization from increasingly targeted and sophisticated spear phishing emails that other tools missed.
AeroVironment (en inglés)
Greg DeBrecourt, Cybersecurity Manager at AeroVironment, discusses how Darktrace Cyber AI provides total visibility into the company’s infrastructure. Darktrace is the “extra set of eyes” that allows the team to continuously monitor its digital estate, including data transfers and user activity.
King’s Hawaiian (en inglés)
King’s Hawaiian turned to Darktrace AI to secure its complex digital ecosystem and manufacturing floor from advanced cyber-threats, regardless of where they emerge across the expansive organization.
Wind Creek Hospitality (en inglés)
With more than 10 gaming properties across the United States, learn how Wind Creek Hospitality relies on Darktrace AI to identify and contain emerging vulnerabilities and cyber-threats to each location. With a diverse and complex digital environment, Darktrace’s cyber AI is able to learn and understand the pattern of life for the entire enterprise – all without human tuning or configuration.
Salve Regina University (en inglés)
As a leading institute in higher education, Salve Regina University needed a cyber technology that could keep student and university data secure, while still enabling the free flow of information on campus. Learn how Darktrace cyber AI has allowed the university to meet this challenge head on, and how its team relies on Antigena to fight back against threats before they can do damage.
Hydrotech (en inglés)
“The bad guys are already using AI to devise spear phishing attacks. It’s a cyber war.” Learn how Hydrotech, a leading industrial technology provider, uses Darktrace’s Cyber AI to fight back against sophisticated threats to its cloud and SaaS environments.
Global Travel (en inglés)
Global Travel is a Singapore-based travel management company which provides end-to-end solutions for both business and leisure clients. Deploying Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System, Antigena Email and Antigena Network, Global Travel can protect its employee and customer data from phishing attacks, unauthorized data exfiltration and insider threat, with enterprise-wide coverage and visibility.
eBay Classifieds Group (en inglés)
“The ability to see and take action is key, which is why we are so excited about the Antigena capability that Darktrace has.” Hear from James Bynoe, Head of Cyber & Information Security from eBay Classified, on how Darktrace’s AI for cyber can raise the bar and help small teams’ performance “by having artificial intelligence as a component of your overall program”.
Gallagher-Kaiser Corporation (en inglés)
Gallagher-Kaiser Corporation is a Michigan based turn-key supplier of paint finishing systems, commercial HVAC, and mechanical automotive systems. Hear from Rick Bertoncin, Director of Technology and Security: “I truly think everybody should have artificial intelligence as part of their arsenal in cyber security.”
Suzuki (en inglés)
Jamie Hassan, Senior Technical Engineer at Suzuki GB, discusses how Darktrace gives 100% real-time visibility and better understanding of their digital enterprise.

Sociedad de apoyo al giro bancario en Lationoamérica
Aeropuerto internacional colombiano
Compañía de seguros méxico
Órgano legislativo de gobierno
Aeropuerto internacional británico
Compañía de seguros noruega
Compañía principal de infraestructura de energía europea
Vendedor de bicicletas estadounidense
EV Group (en inglés)
European Technology Manufacturer
Sanabel Al-Salam (en inglés)
Saudi Arabian Food Manufacturer
Sefalana Group (en inglés)
Botswanan Retailer
Linc Cymru (en inglés)
Welsh Housing Association
US Municipality
APRA AMCOS (en inglés)
ANZ Music Rights Management Organization
Scope Markets (en inglés)
Global Online Trading Group
City of Tyler (en inglés)
Legislative Governing Body
Guardsman Group (en inglés)
Caribbean Security Company
NKGSB Bank (en inglés)
Indian Co-Operative Bank
IVAR (en inglés)
International Component Manufacturer
KTR Systems (en inglés)
International Component Manufacturer
Calligo (en inglés)
Managed Data Services Provider
Renewable Energy Company
IT Management Consultancy
McLaren Group (en inglés)
Automotive Technology Company
The Y NSW (en inglés)
Australian Non-Profit Youth Organisation
Australian Independent School
UK Restaurant Chain
Funding Circle (en inglés)
Peer-to-Peer Lending Marketplace
Electricity Transmission Company
Aqua-Leisure (en inglés)
International Sporting Goods Manufacturer
Global Educational Foundation
US Credit Union
UK Law Firm for Pensions & Retirement Savings
Energy Saving Trust (en inglés)
UK Energy Saving Organization
Pool Re (en inglés)
UK Reinsurer of Terrorism Risk
British Land (en inglés)
UK Real Estate Investment Trust
Elias Neocleous (en inglés)
Cypriot Law Firm
Aptean (en inglés)
US Software Company
The Caravel Group (en inglés)
Global Maritime Company
Tristar (en inglés)
UAE Logistics Provider
RigNet (en inglés)
US Telecommunications Company
South African Insurance Company
UK Public Infrastructure Provider
UWCSEA (en inglés)
Independent International School
Blackhawk Network (en inglés)
International Digital Payment Company
Aspect Capital (en inglés)
UK Investment Manager
HBG Gaming (en inglés)
Italian Gaming Company
Steelcase (en inglés)
Global Furniture Manufacturer
Rentalcars.com (en inglés)
Online Car Rental Service
European Vehicle Supplier
Giunti (en inglés)
Italian Publishing House
Saniflo (en inglés)
International Plumbing Technology Manufacturer
Provider of Public Safety Software
Chantecler (en inglés)
Italian Jewelry Brand
US Healthcare Provider
CordenPharma (en inglés)
Global Contract Manufacturing Organization

Informes de analistas de la industria

KPMG: ‘Moving security to the left — protecting OT takes both strategy and technology’ (en inglés)

Cyber-attacks continue to disrupt critical infrastructure. This report between Darktrace and KPMG explains how OT security teams can stay ahead.

SINC: Autonomous Systems — The Future of Cyber Security (en inglés)

This report between Darktrace and SINC explores how organizations are thinking about AI defenses in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity Insiders: 2021 Remote Working Risks (en inglés)

This report reveals the status of organizations’ efforts to secure the dynamic workforce, their key challenges, unique security threats, and technology gaps and preferences, as based on insights from cyber security professionals.

HMG Strategy: The Threat Landscape of Today and Tomorrow (en inglés)

This research report from HMG Strategy in collaboration with Darktrace explores what offensive AI attacks will look like, the impact they will have on organizations, and why defensive AI is crucial for defenders to stay one step ahead as threats grow in sophistication and speed.

Cybersecurity Insiders: 2020 Insider Threat Report (en inglés)

This report, produced by Cybersecurity Insiders, reveals the recent rise of insider threats and explores how organizations across industries are addressing the challenges surrounding internal risk.

Forrester: The Emergence of Offensive AI (en inglés)

This report from Forrester evaluates the emergence of offensive AI, organizations’ current security practices, and how well prepared they are to fight off such attacks.

IDC Perspective: Making Strides in Cybersecurity (en inglés)

This case study from leading analyst firm IDC tells the story of Milton Keynes University Hospital (MKUH) NHS Foundation Trust in England, which deployed Darktrace’s Cyber AI Platform to fight back against advanced attacks in the wake of last year’s global WannaCry campaign.

Ovum: ‘Darktrace AI powers all phases of threat defense’ (en inglés)

This report from leading analyst firm Ovum declares Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System “a strong example of leveraging artificial intelligence” and “one of the few cases where talk about use of AI in cyber security has turned into action”.

451 Research: ‘Darktrace succeeding with a focus on the ‘good’ and the ‘not good enough’’ (en inglés)

This report analyzes how Darktrace's use of unsupervised machine learning is positioning it as the leader in anomaly detection, and outlines how Darktrace Antigena autonomously responds to potential threats in real time.

451 Research: ‘Darktrace is immune to old security ideas’ (en inglés)

This report from 451 Research provides an overview of Darktrace’s technology and products, along with the current state of the cyber-security industry and where Darktrace fits in today’s landscape.

Ovum ‘On the Radar: Darktrace detects threats with machine learning’ (en inglés)

Ovum’s Rik Turner outlines and analyzes Darktrace’s unique approach to cybersecurity and how it fulfills the need for anomaly-based threat detection without rules and signatures.