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In the News

More help on the way for cybersecurity
Artificial intelligence is crucial for the next wave on cybersecurity threats, says Darktrace’s Sanjay Aurora on CNBC’s Squawk Box.
Darktrace’s Justin Fier on how artificial intelligence can improve network health
Darktrace’s Justin Fier speaks to Bank Info Security about how artificial intelligence can improve network health by building a "pattern of life" for every device, user and network.
Darktrace’s David Masson appears on CBC
David Masson, Country Manager for Canada at Darktrace, discusses the cyber arms race, and the difficulties that the evolving cyber-threat landscape poses for defenders.
Darktrace’s David Masson speaking with Kris McCusker on 680 News
David Masson, Country Manager for Canada at Darktrace, speaks about what cyber trends we can expect to see in 2018 and what strategies organizations can employ to help protect their networks from the modern threat landscape.
Darktrace's Justin Fier appears on CSO’s Salted Hash
Justin Fier, Director of Cyber Intelligence and Analysis at Darktrace, talks about the Matrix Banker malware spreading to multiple industries.
Darktrace’s Justin Fier appears on VICELAND’s Cyberwar
Justin Fier, Director of Cyber Intelligence and Analysis at Darktrace, appears on VICELAND’s Cyberwar to speak about the increasingly sophisticated IoT threats corporations are facing today. Hear Justin walk through several real world incidents of the Enterprise Immune System identifying and neutralizing compromised IoT in real time.
Darktrace’s Justin Fier on adapting to ICS attacks
‎Justin Fier, Director of Cyber Intelligence and Analysis at Darktrace, talks about the rash of intrusion attempts on energy companies and what enterprises that deal with industrial control systems can do to adapt to rising threats.
Darktrace’s Poppy Gustafsson speaks to CNBC during UK trade mission in Japan
Commenting on the evolving nature of today’s threat and the shift towards attacks intending to disrupt organisations, Poppy Gustafsson highlights Japan’s potentially heightened cyber risk ahead of several major events including the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020.
Nicole Eagan, Darktrace CEO, speaks at Hong Kong RISE: 'When AI attacks'
Tomorrow's attackers are machines that can think — fighting back requires defenders to arm themselves with AI technologies too. The challenge is to build your immunity against them. Hear cases from the front lines of cyber defense with an eye towards what to expect from hackers by 2020.
Darktrace CEO Nicole Eagan on Interpol World TV Singapore
Nicole Eagan discusses the future of machine learning in the fight against AI attacks and ‘unknown unknowns’, drawing on examples of how Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System has used AI to spot and stop the threats that bypass legacy tools, including WannaCry ransomware and IOT attacks.
Darktrace CEO Nicole Eagan talks autonomous response on CNBC Asia
In an era of fast-moving, increasingly automated attacks like WannaCry, human security teams are struggling to keep up. CEO Nicole Eagan explains the need for autonomous response to inoculate threats, before damage is done.
Infosecurity 2017: Darktrace’s Dave Palmer discusses IoT insider threats
With the rapid growth of the Internet of Things, Dave Palmer discusses some of the most innovative cyber attacks, from hacking videoconferencing units to fish tanks and fridges.


Darktrace’s Dave Palmer: How will AI impact the future of cyber crime?
Darktrace’s Dave Palmer presents this Codex Talk at the World's Top 50 Innovators Series 2017.
Enterprise Immune System: Version 3
This major upgrade of Darktrace’s flagship cyber defense platform, Version 3 (v3), focuses on ease-of use for newer security analysts while pushing the upper limits of AI for expert analysts.
MacRobert Award 2017 Finalist: Darktrace
Darktrace is one of three finalists for the UK’s top innovation prize: the MacRobert Award. Watch this video produced by the Royal Academy of Engineering to find out why.
451 Research: Self-Learning Cyber Defense
451 Research’s Scott Crawford, Research Director for the Information Security Channel, demystifies machine learning, arguing for self-learning cyber defense.
Antigena: The Machine Fights Back
Autonomous response is here. Learn about Darktrace Antigena, the digital antibody of the Enterprise Immune System, capable of fighting back against in-progress attacks.
Lord Jonathan Evans, Former Director-General of MI5, discussing the cyber threat landscape
Lord Evans of Weardale shares his insights into the unique challenges facing companies in a constantly-evolving threat landscape. He highlights the risk of insider threat and how company boards can do more to engage.
Darktrace named 'Technology Pioneer' by the World Economic Forum
Hear an overview of Darktrace’s origins and its innovative flagship technology, the Enterprise Immune System, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.
Darktrace Corporate Overview
The definitive introduction to Darktrace. Learn why a new approach to cyber security is essential to staying ahead of the game in today’s cyber arms race.

Customer Case Studies

Customer Insights: Self-Learning Cyber Defense
Hear how the Enterprise Immune System is used at first hand – Darktrace customers reveal the benefits of self-learning defense technology.
Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks
Hear Director of IT Matthew Berg describe how Darktrace became “another member of the team” at Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks thanks to its ability to autonomously detect emerging threats.
Heritage Education Funds
Doug Topalovic, the Vice President of IT at Heritage Education Funds, discusses how he uses Darktrace to keep critical client data safe.
City of Las Vegas
Michael Sherwood, CIO of City of Las Vegas, explains how implementing Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System with its autonomous defense capability fundamentally transformed their cyber security posture.
City of Westland, Michigan
Hear how Dan Bourdeau, the CIO for the City of Westland, uses Darktrace as a “truth platform” giving his security team unbiased threat detection across the entire digital estate.
TruWest Credit Union
As a prominent US credit union, TruWest was faced with a number of challenges when securing its network and critical digital assets against cyber attackers. With the threat landscape evolving rapidly, and the cost of breaches rising, TruWest security chief Chris Sprague discusses how Darktrace gave his team a new way of approaching cyber security.
Livingston County
Rich Malewicz, Chief Information Officer for Livingston County, explains how Darktrace’s advanced threat detection and autonomous response capabilities has augmented his team, reduced costs and made the county safer.
ZPower is a leading manufacturer of rechargeable, silver-zinc microbatteries. According to Nitin Arneja, Director of Information Systems, “Darktrace provided more visibility and better anomaly detection capabilities than any other tool on the market”.
Scott Clark, Associated VP of IT & Information Security, explains how Inphi, a leading provider of high-speed data movement interconnects, relies on Darktrace to detect and respond to threats across the digital enterprise.
Bunim/Murray Productions
With thousands of BYOD users, Bunim/Murray Productions faced a constant challenge with users not realizing they were bringing malicious software into the corporate environment. Gabe Cortina, VP of Technology, explains how Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System provides the visibility and understanding to defend the enterprise.
Metropolitan Pathologists
MetroPath's IT Director Jimmy Geelhar explains how MetroPath have renewed confidence in its security stack’s ability to fight back against in progress threats thanks to Darktrace's unique 'immune system' approach.
Sacker & Partners LLP
Danny O'Connor, Head of IT at Sacker & Partners LLP, discusses why he relies on Darktrace's unique immune system approach to defend his network from cyber-threats.