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Cyber AI Analyst

Cyber AI Analyst is Darktrace’s AI investigation technology, which automatically triages, interprets, and reports on the full scope of security incidents.

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Automates investigations at speed and scale

Mimics analyst intuition and continually investigates 100% of threats detected

Prioritizes the most relevant incidents

Surfaces and summarizes every urgent incident as it emerges

Writes reports in the form of a digestible narrative

Generates Incident Reports that immediately put teams in a position to take action

Investigates every threat

Trained on the behaviors of hundreds of expert cyber analysts, Cyber AI Analyst represents an industry first, conducting autonomous investigations on the full range of threats.

Threats to cloud and SaaS services
Understands suspicious context around trusted accounts
Zero-day malware and ransomware
Investigates novel threats without relying on playbooks
Compromise of cyber-physical systems
Illuminates cyber-threats targeting operational technology

Trusted by thousands of companies

Cyber AI Analyst harnesses advanced mathematics and proprietary AI to augment thousands of security teams around the world.

The technology automatically stitches together disparate security events into a single security incident, and communicates its findings in the form of a concise, digestible narrative.

Augmenting the team

Human security analysts investigate threats by following leads, forming hypotheses, reaching conclusions, and sharing their findings. These steps take time and expertise that security teams often cannot afford. Cyber AI Analyst generates thousands of queries and follows hundreds of parallel threads simultaneously, rapidly investigating the full scope of emerging incidents.

Harnessing human flexibility

Cyber AI Analyst not only automates analyst workflows at speed and scale, but also preserves the inherent flexibility of human expertise. By adapting on the fly, the system can quickly interpret and report on security incidents characterized by innovative attack techniques that would be impossible to capture with static playbooks.

Mimicking a cyber security analyst’s intuition with AI

Every time any model is breached in Darktrace, it triggers the AI Analyst to launch an investigation. The AI forms hypotheses, starts asking the relevant questions and then begins to gather data – at machine speed – in order to find answers. These answers will prompt new hypotheses, and the process continues until a conclusion is formed.

An example of an investigation reported on by Cyber AI Analyst