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Industry Verticals

Manufacturing & Supply

Manufacturing companies face significant challenges in the age of Industry 4.0 and increasing digitization. As IT and OT systems converge and new hybrid working environments develop, manufacturers must defend against insider threats, supply chain attacks and ransomware strains such as EKANS and TRITON.

Manufacturers depend on availability and integrity – machinery must be available to operate, and trusted to deliver. By working with leading manufacturing companies around the world, Darktrace ensures organizations can operate without disruption. The Industrial Immune System is uniquely capable of learning a ‘pattern of life’ across corporate IT, OT, and IIoT environments, providing a unified view over the full digital estate and enabling the detection of anomalous activity in real time.

“Machine learning can detect things that we can’t predict and define. It’s like finding a needle in an enormous haystack.”
Stuart Berman, Information Security Architect, Steelcase

Retail & e-Commerce

The retail sector is one of the top cyber-attack targets among all industries. Given the hyper-competitive nature of the retail space, companies are vying with one another to maximize ease-of-purchase, an objective that sometimes conflicts with ensuring robust cyber security.

The industry is lucrative prey for online threat actors due to the volume of personal information – including payment details – that can be rapidly sold on the Dark Web for profit. E-commerce sites also directly transfer virtual funds, while many of the security tools protecting these transfers remain susceptible to innovative malware that such tools aren’t programmed to detect.

Some of the world’s largest retailers rely on Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI to protect their digital systems from never-before-seen threats across their multi-platform and multi-cloud environments, while relying on Autonomous Response to take targeted action to contain emerging attacks at machine speed.

“When we talk about great security – AI is absolutely part of it. A combination of humans and AI is what works today for security.”
Leon Shepherd, CIO, Ted Baker

Technology & Telecoms

Cyber-attacks aimed at technology firms with lucrative IP have become a fact of life in the Information Age. Often perpetrated by nation-state actors with advanced capabilities, these attacks are now remarkably subtle and stealthy, with some of the latest examples beginning to incorporate AI elements. For tech companies that rely on IP to maintain their competitive edge, these never-before-seen threats mean signature-based solutions and siloed cloud security tools are no longer enough.

Where legacy tools are ill-equipped to counteract fast-moving and sophisticated threats, Self-Learning AI understands ‘normal’ for any given digital environment, detecting and responding to threats across multi-platform and multi-cloud infrastructures.

“The intelligence Darktrace gives us is clear and actionable — even my newest starters can use and learn from it on day one.”
CISO, Calligo

Government & Defense

International cyber-warfare is one of the biggest concerns facing governments on a local and national level. The number of cyber-attacks targeting governmental organizations has more than doubled in the past three years, as nations have increasingly used cyber-space to play out geopolitical tensions and launch state-sponsored attacks.

Darktrace has decades of experience in cyber defense for national security, with several directors previously working in high-risk environments in the US, Canada and the UK. Its unique Self-Learning AI technology protects local governments and defense organizations from advanced cyber-threats across multi-platform, multi-cloud environments.

“Using AI, Darktrace can detect and respond to email-borne threats, cloud-based attacks, and novel strains of malware that other tools miss.”
Michael Sherwood, CIO, City of Las Vegas


The education sector is a prime target for cyber-criminals, due to the vast quantities of data and intellectual property held over vast open systems, which are often poorly defended. As the education sector adapts to EdTech and ‘hybrid learning’ approaches, traditional security tools are consistently failing to stop insider threats, infected USBs, videobombing and ransomware attacks, which disrupt teaching and compromise sensitive personal information.

Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI detects and stops the most sophisticated attacks, from credential users to coordinated state-sponsored hackers. Today, Darktrace protects some of the world’s leading universities, museums, and educational foundations, allowing them to stop even zero-day attacks in real time.

“No other security tool on the market comes close. The sheer volume of data that Darktrace actively defends would take a team of 50 to 60 security professionals to do.”
Richard Jenkins, Head of Information Risk Management, Cyber Security and Governance, International Baccalaureate

Financial Services

The financial services sector is 300 times more likely to be attacked than any other industry. With trillions of dollars in assets moving across complex infrastructures, the cost of a cyber-attack can be devastating, both in terms of financial loss and reputation among customers. The pandemic has escalated the already-rapid digitization of the financial sector, offering a range of opportunities for cyber-criminals. From machine-speed ransomware to insider threats and state-sponsored attacks, traditional security tools are consistently failing to defend against modern-day threats.

Darktrace is the next generation of cyber defense, proven capable of identifying and autonomously responding to subtle attacks that bypass all other security tools. Relied upon by many of the largest financial services in the world, Darktrace’s AI technology gives industry leaders unprecedented visibility into all digital activity occurring across hybrid and multi-cloud environments and the corporate network, as well as the ability to detect and contain fast-acting threats in seconds.

“Darktrace gives us an edge against fast-moving attackers and malicious or accidental insider threat.”
Adnan Uz-Zaman, Network and Infrastructure Lead, Waverton


Attackers may target transportation companies not only to gain access to customer databases or other confidential data that may be monetized, but also to deliberately disrupt critical services, whether for political or ideological reasons. Operational disruption in the wake of a cyber-attack can be immense. The costs of post-incident clean up often dwarf the size of ransom demands, and poses an existential threat to organizations.

Self-Learning AI is leveraged by some of the world’s leading transportation companies, from airport groups to train companies, to provide defense against the most subtle threats within their systems. With Autonomous Response, Darktrace takes targeted action at machine speed, containing cyber-attacks before they have a chance to escalate.

“Darktrace AI is the core of our whole cyber security system.”
CTO, OPAIN: El Dorado International Airport

Healthcare & Pharma

With the digitization of healthcare records and medical processes, and the premium that is paid on the Dark Web for medical records, the healthcare industry is a lucrative target for cyber-criminals. For pharmaceutical companies, cyber-attacks threaten the intellectual property at the very heart of the business. For hospitals, ransomware attacks which disrupt operations can be disastrous, and, in extreme cases, deadly.

Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI offers the industry the means to stay ahead of emerging threats that jeopardize the entire sector. By learning the digital DNA of every user, device and container, Darktrace works with hospitals and healthcare providers to deliver real-time awareness and visibility of all digital interactions, as well as autonomously neutralizing attacks in their earliest stages.

“With Darktrace’s complete visibility, early threat detection, and smart prioritization of anomalies, we are well-positioned to fight back against even the subtlest cyber-attack.”
Brian Thomas, CIO, Swope Health Services

Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment sector faces a fundamental challenge with the rise of the digital consumer, as companies attempt to monopolize content and protect customer data at a time when information flows more freely than ever. The reliance on digital streaming services and gaming platforms has skyrocketed since the pandemic, opening a wide span of new attack vectors for cyber-criminals.

Darktrace protects over 200 of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies. Darktrace’s AI enables these organizations to detect and defend against cyber-threats in real time, protecting their key assets and foundational intellectual property. Darktrace also provides total visibility over the digital estate, affording its users an unprecedented awareness of all the routes that a potential threat can take. With Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI, media and entertainment companies can effectively safeguard their valuable IP while remaining dynamic and innovative.

“The increase in digital attacks globally means that cyber-threats are now our biggest business risk, and we can only mitigate this with AI.”
Farzin Najmi, VP of Technology, Network 18

Energy & Utilities

The energy and utilities sector has long faced some of the most advanced attackers, from industrial espionage to state-sponsored attacks. As part of national critical infrastructure, the importance of defending these organizations cannot be underestimated. In May 2020, a state of national emergency was declared in the US over foreign cyber-attacks against this sector.

Darktrace’s Industrial Immune System uses Self-Learning AI to detect and investigate emerging threats across both IT and OT environments. Whether its an employee shortcutting security policies, a skilled hacktivist with a grudge to bear, or a stealthy nation-state actor biding time within your system, Darktrace reveals the subtle deviations that indicate an attack in a clear, precise manner for immediate response.

“Darktrace adds another level of sophistication to our defence systems and has already identified threats with the potential to disrupt our networks.”
Martin Sloan, Group Head of Security, Drax


The third sector is a particularly attractive target for cyber-criminals, due to the large amounts of data, mailings lists, and credit card information held on complex and often badly defended IT systems. Many not-for-profits rely on remote workers and international volunteers, stretching under-resourced security teams and leaving broad systems vulnerable to cyber-criminals. Worryingly, 80% of nonprofits do not have a policy in place to deal with cyber-attacks.

Darktrace protects leading charities and not-for-profit organizations from cyber-threats across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI technology is easy to use for professionals of all skill levels, takes just one hour to install, and can identify potentially calamitous cyber-attacks while there is still time to act.

“Darktrace is key to defense in today’s world of escalating cyber-threat.”
Darren Bisbey, Head of ICT Infrastructure and Cyber Security, RAFA

Case Studies

Salve Regina University

US University

As a leading institute in higher education, Salve Regina University needed a cyber technology that could keep student and university data secure, while still enabling the free flow of information on campus. Learn how Darktrace cyber AI has allowed the university to meet this challenge head on, and how its team relies on Antigena to fight back against threats before they can do damage.

Science Museum Group

Alliance of British Museums

This collection of British museums — including the world-renowned Science Museum in London — is the UK’s most visited school attraction. With a small cyber security team, as is typical among charitable organizations, the Science Museum Group uses Darktrace as a force multiplier. Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System allows that team to concentrate on investigating only the most important threats, which Darktrace intelligently detects.

International Baccalaureate

Global Educational Foundation

The International Baccalaureate is a highly accredited educational nonprofit headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Its four core programs — which focus on teaching critical thinking to students from age 3 to 19 — are taught in more than 150 companies around the world. By delivering real-time threat detection and autonomous response, Darktrace enables the foundation to secure the data it collects from parents and students alike, while also helping it remain compliant with regulations like GDPR.


Independent International School

The United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) is an independent international school in Singapore and a member of the United World College movement. With over 200 applications and several thousand devices in the hands of students, UWCSEA needed real-time visibility of all the devices on its network.


US University

Publicly supported educational institutions like Louisiana State University of Alexandria (LSUA) make favorable targets for attackers. Discover why LSUA turned to Darktrace’s Autonomous Response to tackle ransomware and insider threats.

Girton Grammar School

Australian Independent School

Taking a proactive and adaptive approach to cyber security became a crucial step for Girton Grammar School, with online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic amplifying their digital presence. Girton Grammar school turned to Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System to obtain complete visibility of its entire network and to stay proactive in the face of an advanced threat landscape.

Summit Design and Engineering Services

US Engineering Firm

Summit Design and Engineering Services is a full services design, engineering and build firm with locations across the south east region of the US. Hear Director of IT Doug Edmunds discuss the firm’s approach to cyber security, including its deployment of Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI.

TruWest Credit Union

US Credit Union

As a prominent US credit union, TruWest was faced with a number of challenges when securing its network and critical digital assets against cyber-attackers. With the threat landscape evolving rapidly and the cost of breaches rising, TruWest security chief Chris Sprague discusses how Darktrace gave his team a new way of approaching cyber security.

Simply Business

UK Business Insurance Broker

Simply Business CEO Jason Stockwood and Head of Information Security Wayne Moore discuss how Darktrace has not only provided AI cyber defence across their network but also helped them refine their security philosophy.

Pool Re

UK Reinsurer of Terrorism Risk

Founded in 1993, Pool Re is a reinsurance company whose members comprise the majority of commercial property insurers in the UK. In order to stay ahead of cyber-attackers, Pool Re recognized its need to strengthen its cyber defense strategy by deploying a technology able to detect emerging threats and mitigate the risk they pose.

British Land

UK Real Estate Investment Trust

As one of Europe’s largest publicly listed property development and investment companies, British Land wanted to defend its critical assets from advanced cyber-attacks, zero-day exploits, and insider threat by employing the latest, cutting-edge cyber security technology.

Scope Markets

Global Online Trading Group

Scope Markets, a global online trading group, relies on Microsoft and Darktrace for real-time threat protection across their cloud environment and endpoint devices.

PPS Insurance Company

South African Insurance Company

PPS is the largest mutual insurance company in South Africa. Founded in 1941, PPS offers tailor-made insurance, investment, and healthcare solutions.

Blackhawk Network

International Digital Payment Company

Blackhawk Network is a globally recognized company that pioneered ‘branded value’ providing solutions like gift cards, digital payments, and loyalty points. It needed a single tool to provide full network visibility and early threat detection to increase efficiency and stay on top of a fast-moving threat landscape. By installing the Enterprise Immune System, Blackhawk Network has renewed confidence that it can spot and mitigate threats as they emerge.


Colombian Financial Cooperative

Discover why Confiar rely on Darktrace’s AI to safeguard its sensitive data from the novel and advanced cyber-threats that evade other tools.

Grupo Mexicano de Seguros

Mexican Insurance Company

Experiencing between five and six thousand cyber-attacks a day, major insurance provider Grupo Mexicano de Seguros turned to Darktrace to autonomously detect, investigate, and respond to emerging threats. Discover how self-learning AI continuously defends this organization from sophisticated and highly targeted attacks – helping stop threat actors breaching the company’s digital systems.


Norwegian Insurance Company

DNK, one of the largest war risk insurance companies in the world, chose Darktrace’s unique ‘immune system’ technology to address the combined challenge of an increasingly sophisticated attacker landscape and the risk of internal threat.

Funding Circle

Peer-to-Peer Lending Marketplace

Funding Circle is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace that empowers private investors, governments, and financial institutions to lend money directly to small businesses. Given the rapid evolution of the cyber-attacks targeting their funds — as well as the equally rapid expansion of the company itself — Funding Circle sought a security solution capable of keeping pace with both the changing threat landscape and its own changing network.


Indian Co-Operative Bank

NKGSB Bank is a premier co-operative bank that offers a comprehensive range of banking services. At the forefront of the digital banking revolution in India, the team prides itself on its ability to offer banking from ‘anywhere, anytime’. To facilitate this constant operability, the team knew they needed a technology that could fight back against increasingly fast-moving and subtle attacks that were evading their perimeter tools. NKGSB turned to Darktrace, deploying the Enterprise Immune System, Cyber AI Analyst, and Darktrace Antigena.

Bank One

Mauritian Bank

Discover by Bank One, a top-tier bank in Mauritius, turned to Antigena Email to protect against the most advanced email threats that evaded other tools.


US Defense Contractor

Greg DeBrecourt, Cybersecurity Manager at AeroVironment, discusses how Darktrace Cyber AI provides total visibility into the company’s infrastructure. Darktrace is the “extra set of eyes” that allows the team to continuously monitor its digital estate, including data transfers and user activity.

City of Las Vegas

Legislative Governing Body

Michael Sherwood, CIO of City of Las Vegas, explains how implementing Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System with its autonomous defense capability fundamentally transformed his team’s cyber security posture.

City of Westland, Michigan

Legislative Governing Body

Hear how Dan Bourdeau, the CIO for the City of Westland, uses Darktrace as a “truth platform” that gives his security team unbiased threat detection across the entire digital estate.

City of Tyler

Legislative Governing Body

The City of Tyler’s IT team is responsible for the security of the entire municipality, as well as that of several sister cities. After realizing the inadequacy of legacy tools, they turned to Darktrace to better understand the threats they are up against and stop malicious emails in their tracks.

Spillman Technologies

Provider of Public Safety Software

This leading provider of public safety software needed an innovative security solution to stay on top of fast-moving threats. By choosing Darktrace, Spillman Technologies can now detect unknown attacks as they emerge. In addition, the organization now has 100% visibility into its network, allowing Spillman Technologies to take a proactive stance in the face of a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

City of College Station Utilities

US Municipality

As a municipality overseeing critical infrastructure, City of College Station sought a cyber security solution that protected their OT and IT environments. Learn why they chose Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI.

Pacific Dental Services

US Dentistry Chain

Hear from Nemi George, Senior Director of Information Security at Pacific Dental Services discuss how Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI defends the healthcare organization from advanced cyber-threats. Armed with Darktrace, their lean security team are able to “cut through the noise and focus on the things we need to focus on”.

Swope Health Services

US Healthcare Provider

Swope Health Services provides primary care, mental health programs, and community outreach to the broader Kansas City area. With over 500 employees, it provides patient-centered medical care to over 40,000 patients, and its network carries the highly sensitive medical information of over 200,000 individuals. After a thorough market review, Swope Health Services deployed Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System to detect and respond to emerging threats in real time. Armed with machine learning and AI algorithms, Swope Health Services now has complete visibility of its entire network and can stay proactive in the face of an advanced threat landscape.


Global Contract Manufacturing Organization

Many of CordenPharma’s largest customers have their own stringent security requirements to prevent the theft of their valuable intellectual property. CordenPharma needed a tool that could provide early threat detection, prevent data breaches, and accommodate its customers’ myriad requests.

Milton Keynes University Hospital

UK Hospital

Putting patient care at the top of their agenda, Milton Keynes University Hospital’s security team knew securing their digital systems had to be a priority – downtime in the medical profession simply isn’t an option. They turned to Darktrace’s autonomous response technology for a security solution which is able to fight back against threats in real time, allowing the hospital’s security team to focus on longer-term digital transformation projects.

Global Travel

Singaporean Travel Management Company

Global Travel is a Singapore-based travel management company which provides end-to-end solutions for both business and leisure clients. Deploying Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System, Antigena Email and Antigena Network, Global Travel can protect its employee and customer data from phishing attacks, unauthorized data exfiltration and insider threat, with enterprise-wide coverage and visibility.

Wind Creek Hospitality

US Gaming and Hospitality Company

With more than 10 gaming properties across the United States, learn how Wind Creek Hospitality relies on Darktrace AI to identify and contain emerging vulnerabilities and cyber-threats to each location. With a diverse and complex digital environment, Darktrace’s cyber AI is able to learn and understand the pattern of life for the entire enterprise – all without human tuning or configuration.


Australian Representational Body

Learn from David McGrath, CDO, why ClubsNSW have chosen Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI to augment their security and respond to threats across their organization 24/7.

King’s Hawaiian

US Bread Manufacturer

King’s Hawaiian turned to Darktrace AI to secure its complex digital ecosystem and manufacturing floor from advanced cyber-threats, regardless of where they emerge across the expansive organization.


US Industrial Technology Manufacturer

“The bad guys are already using AI to devise spear phishing attacks. It’s a cyber war.” Learn how Hydrotech, a leading industrial technology provider, uses Darktrace’s Cyber AI to fight back against sophisticated threats to its cloud and SaaS environments.

Gallagher-Kaiser Corporation

US Manufacturing Corporation

Gallagher-Kaiser Corporation is a Michigan based turn-key supplier of paint finishing systems, commercial HVAC, and mechanical automotive systems. Hear from Rick Bertoncin, Director of Technology and Security: “I truly think everybody should have artificial intelligence as part of their arsenal in cyber security.”


Multinational Automobile Manufacturer

Jamie Hassan, Senior Technical Engineer at Suzuki GB, discusses how Darktrace gives 100% real-time visibility and better understanding of their digital enterprise.


International Sporting Goods Manufacturer

In an effort to protect its foundational intellectual property as well as its sensitive customer, employee, and partner information, Aqua-Leisure deployed Darktrace’s self-learning technology. According to Leonard Galinsky, Director of IT for Aqua-Leisure, “Darktrace has allowed us to gain unprecedented insight.”


Global Furniture Manufacturer

This industry-leading furniture manufacturer was keen to defend itself from any potential compromise to its intellectual property and designs, its confidential corporate information, or its sensitive customer data. Furthermore, the company was increasingly aware of the limitations of perimeter defenses and legacy approaches, which are unable to detect insider threat or zero-day exploits. Darktrace allows Steelcase the robust cyber security needed to protect its operations and its customers in today’s sophisticated threat landscape.


International Plumbing Technology Manufacturer

Saniflo is a French-owned subsidiary of leading global manufacturer SFA Group, selling plumbing technology for residential and commercial premises. Eager to maintain its reputation for technical expertise and quality of service, Saniflo was looking for a cyber security solution capable of keeping up with a constantly evolving cyber threat landscape that could also provide full network visibility.

KTR Systems

International Component Manufacturer

For over fifty years, KTR Systems has been a leading manufacturer of high-grade power transmission components for mechanical and plant engineering. Discover why they deployed the Darktrace Immune System after two instances of CEO fraud and ransomware — and how Cyber AI stopped a zero-day attack in their ecosystem.


International Component Manufacturer

IVAR is a manufacturing company that produces components for heating and plumbing systems. With converging OT/IT infrastructure, the team were struggling with poor visibility on top of increasingly sophisticated attacks. IVAR worked with their managed service provider Fasternet to deploy Darktrace Cyber AI — and now benefit from autonomous threat detection and real-time visibility.

Sanabel Al-Salam

Saudi Arabian Food Manufacturer

Discover why Sanabel Al-Salam rely on Antigena Email to stop threats others miss, how the AI caught an impersonation attack, and why the organization is now looking to extend Darktrace’s coverage across Microsoft 365.

EV Group

European Technology Manufacturer

Discover why EV Group, a European manufacturer, chose Darktrace after trialing the technology alongside other solutions, and why the company has now implemented Autonomous Response.


Austrian Steel Producer

Discover why Breitenfeld, an Austrian steel producer, adopted the Industrial Immune System to provide visibility and AI threat detection across their digital ecosystem, and why the team are now using Antigena.

Greater Omaha Packing

US Supplier

Greater Omaha Packing is a single source supplier shipping beef to over 70 countries around the world. Discover how they built trust in Autonomous Response and how Darktrace converted their small security team into a 24/7 SOC.


South African Steel Processing Company

Duferco is a South African steel processing company which produces half a million tons of steel products every year but employs only a small security team. Discover how Darktrace’s Autonomous Response takes action against threats on their behalf to keep their production lines moving.

Bunim/Murray Productions

US Entertainment Production Company

With thousands of BYOD users, Bunim/Murray Productions faced a constant challenge with users not realizing they were bringing malicious software into the corporate environment. Gabe Cortina, VP of Technology, explains how Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System provides the visibility and understanding to defend the enterprise.

HBG Gaming

Italian Gaming Company

HBG Gaming is a leading gaming company, providing a host of games to Italian consumers including slot machines, video lotteries, bingo, betting and online games. As broadband services expand and online gaming diversifies across smartphones, tablets and other devices, the industry is becoming increasingly exposed to sophisticated cyber attacks. Securing customers’ personal and financial details is vital for HBG Gaming to provide a reliable gaming service and maintain its position as a trusted brand.


Italian Publishing House

Giunti Editore is the second largest Italian publishing house, publishing books on a wide range of topics and managing a number of book stores and printing warehouses throughout Italy. In order to defend its intellectual property and critical data from sophisticated cyber-attackers, the company was looking for an innovative technology capable of real-time threat detection.


ANZ Music Rights Management Organization

APRA AMCOS is a leading music rights management organization, representing over 100,000 songwriters, composers, and music publishers in Australia and New Zealand. Supporting a billion-dollar creative industry, the organization knew it needed a comprehensive and innovative solution to defend its digital ecosystem from fast-moving threats. Armed with Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI and Autonomous Response technology, APRA AMCOS now benefits from real-time visibility and autonomous threat detection.


Australian Nonprofit Youth Organisation

The Y NSW is one of the oldest and largest youth organizations in the world, with a small team managing their entire digital infrastructure. Darktrace AI has given them the ability to identify and remediate threats as soon as they arise, recently detecting unauthorized access to a file containing user passwords.

Linc Cymru

Welsh Housing Association

Linc Cymru, a nonprofit provider of housing and care in Wales, chose Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI to protect its endpoint devices from increasingly sophisticated cyber-threats.

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

US Nonprofit Organization

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust relies on Darktrace to protect their AWS environment with Autonomous Response.


Global Retailer

Willem Lock, Head of Global Infrastructure at Boardriders, explains how Darktrace protected the organization from a ransomware attack, protects their cloud environment, and integrated seamlessly with their existing security ecosystem.

eBay Classifieds Group

eCommerce and Classified Ad Group

“The ability to see and take action is key, which is why we are so excited about the Antigena capability that Darktrace has.” Hear from James Bynoe, Head of Cyber & Information Security from eBay Classified, on how Darktrace’s AI for cyber can raise the bar and help small teams’ performance “by having artificial intelligence as a component of your overall program”.


US Bicycle Retailer

“We can’t have humans fighting the bad guys all the time, they just move too fast. We need help from AI in order prioritize, identify threats, and provide context around those threats in our networks. Ultimately, Darktrace AI can cut down the amount of time that we spend responding to breaches.” Hear from Matt Wood, Global Information Security Manager at Trek Bikes, on the benefits of Darktrace’s AI for cyber defense.


Italian Jewelry Brand

Chantecler is one of the leading jewelry brands in Italy, established on the island of Capri in 1947. It had been looking for a cyber security solution capable of defending its network, including its digital assets and intellectual property, from the latest, most advanced cyber-attacks. Chantecler also needed a new-generation technology capable of providing complete network visibility.

Online Car Rental Service

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, is the world’s number one online car rental service, arranging over 7.1 million rentals a year to customers in 169 countries. The company deployed Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System to learn an evolving understanding of ‘normal’ for the network, which enabled it to detect even the most subtle threats at an early stage.

Bassadone Automotive Group

European Vehicle Supplier

Founded in 1904 and based in Spain, Bassadone Automotive Group is an importer and retailer of several car brands. It is Gibraltar’s leading vehicle importer, possessing a one third market share. In search of a cyber security solution capable of real-time threat detection, Bassadone Automotive Group partnered with Darktrace to stay a step ahead of today’s cyber-threats.

Pizza Hut Restaurants UK

UK Restaurant Chain

Serving 20 million customers a year, Pizza Hut Restaurants UK sought a cyber security platform that adapted to its shifting digital environment, and neutralized advanced threats in the network and email environment. They turned to Darktrace’s self-learning AI technology, saving their security team vital time and keeping their infrastructure secure.

Sefalana Group

Botswanan Retailer

“I don't think we could live without Antigena’s Autonomous Response.” Botswanan retail group Sefalana turned to Darktrace’s AI to detect and respond to cyber-attacks.


Dutch Hospitality Business

Vermaat is one of the Netherlands’ largest hospitality providers, with over 400 catering locations. Discover the cyber security challenges that faced them as they prepared for international expansion, and how Darktrace was able to integrate with Vermaat’s existing solutions in order to protect their hybrid workforce from sophisticated attacks.

Big Bazar

Dutch Retailer

Big Bazar is a Dutch retail chain with over 130 stores across the Netherlands and Belgium. Discover why they turned to Darktrace’s AI to stop threats across their cloud, endpoint and email environments.

AAA Washington

US Automotive Organization

AAA Washington operates in emergency roadside services, insurance and travel. The organization chose Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI over a traditional SOC, and later expanded its coverage to protect endpoints and cloud activity.


Mauritian Sugarcane Supplier

Terra provides products and services across the agricultural, food and drink, power, property, and leisure industries. The Group IT Manager explains how the company is moving towards truly autonomous security with Darktrace.

TRG Screen

Subscription Management Software Company

Jeff Leitner, Director of Operations and CISO at subscription management company TRG Screen, explains how Darktrace protects the organization across cloud, network and remote endpoint devices, and how Darktrace Antigena takes autonomous action on behalf of the security team.


Global Semiconductor Manufacturer

Scott Clark, Associated VP of IT & Information Security, explains how Inphi, a leading provider of high-speed data movement interconnects, relies on Darktrace to detect and respond to threats across the digital enterprise.

McLaren Group

Automotive Technology Company

McLaren Group turned to Self-Learning AI to protect every corner of its business from the most advanced cyber-threats. Learn how Antigena Email defended the organization from increasingly targeted and sophisticated spear phishing emails that other tools missed.


US Software Company

Itself an international provider of SaaS services, Aptean was well aware of the security blind spots introduced by its own cloud environments. With Darktrace, the company has achieved total visibility over its hybrid infrastructure for the first time.

Differentia Consulting

IT Management Consultancy

Differentia Consulting is an Information Technology Managed Services Provider, operating in the business intelligence sector. 100% cloud based, this innovative firm needed a security solution capable of protecting their entire dynamic workforce. With Darktrace, cyber-attacks have been stopped in their earliest stages wherever and whenever they have emerged — allowing the security team to stay one step ahead and focus on higher level tasks.


US Telecommunications Company

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, RigNet is a global technology company that offers a highly diverse range of services and applications, maintaining a complex global network that presents significant security challenge. In light of its expansive telecommunications infrastructure, RigNet had been searching for an AI-based security platform capable of safeguarding its critical systems and data against advanced attacks, wherever they originate.


Managed Data Services Provider

During the rapid transition to remote working at the start of 2020, Calligo were targeted by an increasing number of phishing emails that its existing security tools were unable to stop. To keep their sensitive customer data safe, they turned to Darktrace’s Antigena Email.

Guardsman Group

Caribbean Security Company

Guardsman Group and its subsidiaries are leaders in security, with clients across all industries in the Caribbean. After a cyber incident that affected communications at one of the company’s offices, the team implemented Darktrace to autonomously stop machine-speed attacks across their diverse workforce.

The National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA)

Spanish Research Organization

The National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA), a public research organization, chose Darktrace after a rigorous testing process. Discover how the AI saves time for the security team and protects the organization at a time of rapid digital transformation.

Birmingham Airport

British International Airport

As a key transportation hub, Birmingham International Airport forms part of the United Kingdom’s critical national infrastructure, rendering it particularly susceptible to devastating cyber-attacks. Its Head of Information Security, Wayne Smith, describes how Darktrace has bolstered its IT security team by identifying such attacks to protect the airport’s over 10 million annual passengers.

OPAIN: El Dorado International Airport

Colombian International Airport

Serving over 35 million passengers annually, El Dorado is the third largest airport on the American continent and is operated by OPAIN. To protect its passengers and technology, OPAIN turned to Darktrace for autonomous defense — which proved vital in detecting a breach in the airport’s social media accounts and vulnerabilities in its CCTV cameras.

Harwich Haven Authority

UK Public Infrastructure Provider

Harwich Haven Authority constitutes a major part of the UK’s critical infrastructure, handling the world’s largest container ships. With Darktrace Industrial, Harwich Haven Authority is now able to stay one step ahead of today’s most sophisticated cyber-attacker, protecting its reputation as a leading service provider in the maritime industry.

Milan-Bergamo Orio al Serio International Airport

Italian International Airport

The digitization of airport practices creates potential vulnerabilities and possible entry-points for cyber adversaries. This is a pressing concern for Orio al Serio International Airport, which, as part of Italy’s critical national infrastructure, is already a likely target for malicious attacks. As such, the airport was keen to strengthen its cyber defense strategy with the latest, most innovative cyber technology available. After deploying Darktrace’s immune system technology, Orio al Serio International Airport now receives intelligent alerts flagging genuinely anomalous behavior, which may be indicative of cyber-threat, in real time.


UAE Logistics Provider

A Dubai-based logistics provider to the oil industry, Tristar needed a cyber defense solution which was able to scale and adapt to their fast-growing business. Darktrace Antigena gives Tristar the threat detection and autonomous response capacities to protect its sensitive customer data and operational systems. Darktrace also provides the visibility needed to maintain Tristar’s hybrid digital infrastructure.

The Caravel Group

Global Maritime Company

Headquartered in Hong Kong, this diversified global conglomerate chose to deploy Darktrace’s cyber AI solution to autonomously detect and respond to novel threats at an early stage.

Mainstream Renewable Power

Renewable Energy Company

Mark Kane, Global Head of Information Solutions at MRP, shares how his team use Darktrace to augment their security across their Microsoft platform.


European Power Infrastructure Company

Drax, one of the largest power generation and infrastructure companies in the UK, uses Darktrace’s self-learning Enterprise Immune System technology to counter sophisticated threats within its internal systems. The Enterprise Immune System allows it to identify potential intrusions and irregular activity in real time and take action to mitigate against emerging risk.

Energy Saving Trust

UK Energy Saving Organization

After a period of business-restructuring, Energy Saving Trust was looking for an innovative cyber security technology to bolster its overall cyber defense strategy, protect its critical assets and sensitive client data and provide complete network visibility.

Copperbelt Energy Corporation

Electricity Transmission Company

Any disruption to Copperbelt Energy’s critical systems could result in significant consequences to the economies of its primary markets, who rely on it for consistent and secure supply of power. Their security team depend on Darktrace’s Cyber AI Platform to ensure that its corporate network and operational technology are protected from cyber-attacks, despite the increasing convergence of the two environments.