The Enterprise Immune System

Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System learns normal ‘patterns of life’ to discover unpredictable cyber-threats, while delivering visibility across your dynamic workforce — from cloud and SaaS to endpoints and the corporate network.

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Detects the unpredictable

Leverages self-learning AI to spot novel attacks and insider threats

Learns ‘on the job’

Understands the DNA of your business as it evolves, learning and adapting continuously

Protects workforce behavior

Correlates insights across multiple silos via an open and extensible architecture

AI cyber security that adapts to the unknown

Darktrace delivers autonomous and adaptive protection across diverse systems and distributed users. It detects both known and unknown threats as they emerge.

Insider threat and account takeover
Understands normal user behavior to protect against identity-based threats.
Attacks on cloud, SaaS and IoT
Detects malicious activity across AWS, Azure, Microsoft 365 and more.
Novel malware and ransomware
Self-learning approach identifies subtle deviations from normal.

Trusted by thousands of companies

Over 4,000 organizations rely on Cyber AI to protect their dynamic workforce and diverse digital infrastructure.

The Enterprise Immune System can be deployed and extended seamlessly, scaling up or down as needed and instantly adapting to new and unfamiliar systems across globally distributed businesses.

Learn about the latest innovations in Darktrace Version 5.

This major update builds upon our core AI engine with new forms of automation, expanded coverage of the dynamic workforce, and enhanced flexibility for a seamless customer journey.

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Detecting the unpredictable

Without relying on fixed baselines or prior assumptions, the Enterprise Immune System learns normal ‘patterns of life’ for every user, device, and all the complex relationships between them. By continuously revising its understanding in light of new evidence, the system spots subtle deviations and detects advanced attacks that other tools miss, from zero-days and insider threats, to ransomware, compromised credentials, and cloud-based attacks.

Unifying the digital patchwork

Digital ecosystems and the security stacks designed to defend them have never been more fragmented. With its evolving understanding of ‘self’, Darktrace Cyber AI addresses this challenge, unifying workforce behavior. This enriches AI threat detection with enterprise-wide context and leaves attackers with nowhere to hide. The system’s open architecture also enables seamless integrations with disjointed defenses, instantly ingesting disparate data sources and sharing bespoke Darktrace intelligence with existing investments.

Autonomous AI protection with the Enterprise Immune System.
Deployed in minutes, results in hours and days.

Client Sensors: Extending visibility to the disconnected endpoint

To cover branch offices and remote workers off the VPN, Darktrace can now deploy lightweight Client Sensors on a range of managed endpoints. This allows the system to analyze real-time traffic of remote workers in the same way it analyzes traffic in the network, correlating a web of connections to develop an evolving understanding of workforce behavior.

Client Sensors provide much-needed visibility of suspicious activities occurring off the VPN — from insider threats and compliance issues, to latent strains of malware that could move laterally when employees reconnect.

AI cyber security for cloud

The Enterprise Immune System learns and analyzes workforce behavior wherever it emerges, from clouds and coffee shops, to branch offices and the corporate HQ. Cloud-only and hybrid deployments provide robust AI protection that understands the users behind cloud accounts and containers.

See how Darktrace defends your dynamic workforce across AWS, Google Cloud and Azure environments.

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Open architecture and integrations

Darktrace was designed with an open and extensible architecture that seamlessly plugs into established workflows and existing investments. One-click integrations and custom templates provide end-users with simple mechanisms to quickly extend coverage and share Darktrace intelligence with the rest of the stack.

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