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Darktrace for Slack

With the power of Self-Learning AI, Darktrace brings real-time visibility and adaptive, autonomous defense to your Slack security strategy.

The Darktrace Immune System provides a unified platform for AI-driven threat detection, investigation, and response for Slack and across the business, ensuring your dynamic workforce is always protected.

With the Darktrace Security Module for Slack, Self-Learning AI continuously learns what normal behavior looks like for every user and device in your organization’s Slack environment. With this deep understanding of usual ‘patterns of life,’ the Darktrace Immune System can recognize the subtle deviations that point to a threat – from account takeovers, to insider data theft.

Bespoke, real-time coverage
Continuous SaaS security monitoring with AI that learns ‘on the job’
Self-learning AI defense
Identifies account takeovers and stealthy insiders in real time
Enterprise-wide visibility
Unified view of behavior in your Slack environment, and beyond
Cyber AI Analyst investigation
Automatic triaging and executive-friendly reporting

Self-Learning AI Defense for the Dynamic Workforce

With its bespoke, continuously evolving knowledge of how your organization uses Slack, Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI can put behavior in context and spot the deviations from normal activity that indicate a threat – no matter how sophisticated or novel.

The Darktrace Immune System’s Cyber AI Analyst further automatically investigates every threat surfaced, reporting on the full scope of cloud-based security incidents and reducing triage time by up to 92%.

Deploying the Darktrace Security Module for Slack will provide access to the SaaS Console, a specialized interface for investigating SaaS and cloud activity. The SaaS Console offers global maps of activity, detailed logs of user activity, and visualization of anomalous chains of behavior.

An AI-Native Solution for SaaS Security

The Darktrace Security Module for Slack provides coverage over access, user modification, channel modification and platform administration within Slack. Activity is retrieved from the Slack Audit Logs API, allowing Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI to build rich behavioral models and recognize any nuanced changes in behavior, including:

  • Modifications to users, including creation, deletion, guest creation, and role changes

  • User logins, logouts, and changes to authentication settings

  • Changes to channels, including creation, deletion, and membership

  • Administrative activities on workspaces and organization

  • File actions, such as downloads and sharing

To protect today’s dynamic workforce, security teams must be equipped to discern when and how a trusted account has been leveraged for nefarious purposes. This requires an ‘immune system’ approach to security that is not only adaptive, but also grounded in a unified understanding of your entire workforce.