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Protecting Critical Infrastructures Using AI: Industry Insights

Thursday May 3, 2018 (9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET)

With the US government and European Union issuing rare public warnings of imminent cyber-threats targeting critical infrastructure, how do we know if subtle and advanced threat-actors are lurking in our systems?

Silent and stealthy threats can be active on a network for weeks or months, slowly doing damage without detection. These pernicious threats are especially dangerous to industrial environments still reliant on legacy bespoke systems. Industrial Control Systems environments face a myriad of new security challenges such as connected industrial devices, sensors, remote maintenance repair operations, and increasing connectivity to IT systems. How can we combat these challenges amidst an increasingly volatile cyber-threat landscape?

Join Darktrace and leading energy companies, Entegrus and Energy+, for a discussion on how AI can be operationalized to secure networks across the energy industry and beyond.


  • Andrew Tsonchev, Director of Darktrace Industrial
  • Chris Thomas, Cyber Technology Specialist, Darktrace
  • Dave Cullen, Network Administrator, Entegrus & Paul Martinello, VP of IT, Energy+

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AI-Powered Cyber Defense: An Immune System Approach for Financial Institutions

Thursday March 22, 2018 (9:00am PT / 4:00pm GMT)

Join us for a live webinar on how TruWest Credit Union leverages cyber AI technology to defend itself against stealthy cyber-threats.


  • Chris Sprague (Security Engineer, TruWest Credit Union)
  • Dan Fein (US Technical Lead, Darktrace)

The financial services industry is a prime target for cyber-crime. In a post-Equifax world, financial institutions are struggling to stay one step ahead of automated and sophisticated threats.

Learn about:

  • How to operationalize AI cyber defense in your organization
  • What financial services organizations can do to bolster their resilience to insider threats, IoT hacks and beyond
  • How Darktrace’s AI autonomously fights back to defend financial organizations worldwide

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AI in Cyber Security: Explained

Thursday February 22, 2018 (9:00am PT / 5:00pm GMT)

The year of 2018 may very well be the year of ‘smart malware’. As sophisticated threat-actors continue to bolster their toolkits, it is only a matter of time before we see weaponized AI targeting our organizations. Simultaneously, cyber security companies are racing to implement new AI technologies into their cyber defense strategies. We now find ourselves in an AI arms race. Defenders and attackers alike are rushing to stay one step ahead before machines fight machines on the battleground of corporate networks.

Amidst this new threat landscape, cyber defense has become a confusing terrain to navigate. What are the actual risks of AI-based attacks? What would an AI attack look like? And how can effectively implementing AI proactively defend against this new era of threat?

Join Dave Palmer, Director of Technology at Darktrace, for a discussion on how AI will shape the next age of cyber defense.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How AI will enhance the sophistication of cyber-threats
  • Why organizations should prepare for AI-based attacks
  • How cyber security companies are responding to advances in AI
  • How Darktrace has leveraged AI to spearhead a fundamentally new approach to cyber defense

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OT Security and the Next Generation of Industrial Cyber-Attacks

Thursday January 11, 2018 (8:00am PT / 4:00pm GMT)

2017 left us with little doubt that attacks against our national critical infrastructure are real.

The U.S. government and EU both released rare public statements for energy and utility firms, warning that sophisticated threat-actors are targeting industrial control systems at a never-before-seen rate.

Join Darktrace Industrial’s Director of Technology, Andrew Tsonchev, and Darktrace’s Head of Security, Simon Fellows, for a discussion on the evolving OT threat landscape, and how Darktrace’s immune system technology helps industrial organizations fight back.

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Combating Complexity: Immune System Cyber Security for the Changing Business Landscape

Thursday November 16, 2017 (9:00am PT / 5:00pm GMT)

In an age of cloud computing and connected devices, networks have become more complex than ever before. Security teams now face the challenge of securing cloud environments, IoT devices, and SaaS applications, as well as the standard corporate network. This expanding attack surface has introduced a host of new opportunities for threat actors, from compromising smart TVs and connected fish tanks to stealing data through Dropbox or AWS.

To keep pace with these changes, organizations across the world are turning to self-learning technologies powered by AI. Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System can detect and respond to cyber-threats in real time, while also providing visibility into all corners of the network. With the rise of stealthy cyber-attacks designed to blend into the network, automatically identifying subtle anomalies and threats as they happen has become paramount.

Join this webinar led by Darktrace’s Director of Technology, Dave Palmer, for an interactive discussion on:

  • The challenges presented by the complexity of today’s corporate networks
  • How Darktrace’s machine learning learns ‘on the job’, detecting zero-days and other threats that other tools miss
  • Real-world case studies of threats to cloud environments and IoT devices

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The Machine Fights Back: Autonomous Response for a Self-Defending Network

Tuesday November 7, 2017 (9:00am PT / 5:00pm GMT)

The scene is changing: classic compromises like stolen data or defaced websites are no longer the only threats to organizations. Hackers are launching high-speed attacks on a global scale, shutting down networks with WannaCry ransomware and targeting IoT devices to disrupt the internet. But attackers are also wreaking havoc in stealthier ways, waiting quietly on networks in order to undermine the very integrity of data.

Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands a fundamentally different approach to cyber defense. To level the playing field, organizations across the globe are turning to self-defending cyber ‘immune systems’ to autonomously respond to in-progress threats, in real time. Leveraging advances in machine learning and AI algorithms, Darktrace Antigena offers a solution capable of fighting back against this new era of cyber-threat.

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Insider Threat: Real-World Examples of AI Defense

Wednesday October 25, 2017 (9:00am PT / 5:00pm BST)

Whether malicious or not, insider threat is a major source of problems, breaches and attacks. You cannot guarantee that 100% of your employees or credential holders – however well-educated and well-meaning – will do the right thing 100% of the time. Equally, an insider with malicious intent has the potential to cause almost unlimited damage, given their privileged access and the cloak of legitimacy they operate under. The scope for threat is therefore very broad, and yet often overlooked or underestimated.

Join Darktrace’s Director of Cyber Intelligence, Justin Fier, and Director of Cyber Analysis, Andrew Tsonchev, for four real-world examples of Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System thwarting insider threats, without relying on known threat patterns, rules, or signatures.

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An Industrial Immune System: AI Cyber Defense for OT, Sensors & IoT Devices

Thursday September 21, 2017

Join Darktrace’s Executive Vice President, Jeff Cornelius, PhD., to learn how Darktrace’s self-learning technology can be leveraged to help defend digital supply chains and ICS environments from cyber-attacks.

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The Enterprise Immune System: Self-Learning Cyber Defense

Thursday August 24, 2017 (11:00am EST / 4:00pm BST)

Since its advent, the Enterprise Immune System has revolutionized the way organizations detect and respond to cyber-threats. By leveraging advances AI, Darktrace has become the world leader in machine learning for cyber defense. Learn firsthand why Ovum declared Darktrace “one of the few cases where talk about use of AI in cyber security has turned into action.” Join Darktrace’s Director of Technology, Dave Palmer, as he gives an exclusive preview to the newest capabilities of the Enterprise Immune System, including enhancements to autonomous response and ‘automating the analyst’.

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Cyber-Threat Report 2017: Selected Case Studies from Darktrace

Thursday July 27, 2017 (11:00am EST)

Over the past year, cyber-attacks have frequently made headlines. In 2017 alone, global ransomware damage costs are expected to exceed $5 billion, with the total cost of cyber-crime expected to reach trillions of dollars. Darktrace has detected over 30,000 in-progress cyber-threats, and has firsthand experience with modern, never-before-seen attacks, including fast moving ransomware, new strains of malware, malicious insiders, attacks on cloud environments, and more. Join our Director of Cyber Analysis, Andrew Tsonchev, and our Lead Research Analyst, Bethany Edgoose, as they present Darktrace's 2017 Global Threat Report, review novel cyber-attacks, and break down how they were detected by the Enterprise Immune System.

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Using AI Cybersecurity in M&A Due Diligence

Thursday June 29, 2017

As the Verizon/Yahoo deal illustrated, cyber-attacks can drastically alter, and entirely jeopardize, mergers and acquisitions. Cyber security has not traditionally been at the forefront of mergers and acquisitions, but as cyber-threats have increased, firms have been forced to consider cybersecurity throughout the M&A process. Today, companies are leveraging new breakthroughs in AI and machine learning to ensure the health of their networks. Join Darktrace CEO, Nicole Eagan, as she discusses the challenges of ensuring cyber hygiene during M&As, and how self-learning technologies can help firms automate due diligence and ensure the health of their networks.

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‘Immune System’ Cyber Security: Darktrace in the Healthcare Industry

Thursday May 18, 2017

As cyber threats have developed in recent years, no industry has been more targeted by threat actors than healthcare, with attacks increasing by 63% in 2016. With the tremendous uptick in attacks coupled with the growing complexity of networks, healthcare organizations are turning toward new technologies to defend themselves from this new generation of cyber-threats. Join Brian Thomas, CIO of Swope Health Services, and Parker Ashley, Account Manager for Darktrace, to learn how the threat landscape is evolving in healthcare, and how the Enterprise Immune System helps healthcare organizations across the world defend themselves from cyber attacks.

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AI For Cyber Defense: The Machine Fights Back

Tuesday April 18, 2017

When the human immune system is faced with a new threat, not only can it detect it, but it produces antibodies that bind to it, and ultimately neutralize it. Now, through advanced AI and machine learning, Darktrace Antigena brings this automatic response capability to the network, acting on cyber threats in real-time, before they can do damage. Darktrace's Director of Technology, Dave Palmer, leads a conversation on how digital antibodies can react to threats, and how, in an age of attacks moving at machine speeds, security teams can keep pace.

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Self-Learning Detection: Real-World Threats of March 2017

Thursday April 6, 2017

Every month, Darktrace is finding attacks across our customer base that go unseen by traditional defenses and leverage modern methods to infiltrate networks. By learning a sense of self in the network, Darktrace is able to find the stealthy threats that are becoming more constant in cyber-attacks and bypassing legacy tools. Darktrace’s Director of Cyber Analysis, Andrew Tsonchev, examines real-world examples of some of the novel and unique attacks detected by Darktrace in the past month, and how they were discovered.

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Self-Learning Cyber Defense for ICS/SCADA Environments

Friday March 17, 2017

As digitization has taken hold, and IT and OT networks have converged, traditional defenses have fallen behind modern attacks. Nation states and other threat groups have been turning their sights on critical infrastructure and ICS systems, leading to damaging attacks on industrial plants, power stations, and other OT environments. As these attacks continue to increase, it is clear that a self-learning approach is needed, using machine learning.

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Immune System Cyber Defense: Across the Cloud and Beyond

Wednesday February 22, 2017

Cloud adoption is increasing as rapidly as ever, and as businesses rush to reap the benefits of SaaS applications and cloud platforms, security is often forgotten. In order to protect their networks and data, firms must ensure that the same level of security they apply to physical environments can extend to the cloud. Darktrace's Principal Consultant, Andrew Tsonchev, leads an in-depth discussion on the challenges of cloud security and how Darktrace's approach can help firms stay secure across any environment.

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Artificial Intelligence Attacks: The Cyber Arms Race

Tuesday December 6, 2016

Advances in artificial intelligence are leading to developments in cyber-attack technology, making threats faster and more sophisticated than ever. Darktrace’s Director of Technology, Dave Palmer, examines this challenge and explain why immune system technology, powered by unsupervised machine learning, will be critical in the future of cyber defense.

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Self-Learning Detection: Real-World Threat Incidents Explained

Wednesday November 9, 2016

Darktrace's Director of Cyber Intelligence, Justin Fier, provides an in-depth discussion on today's threat landscape and how four unique attacks were detected by immune system technology.

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Self-Learning Cyber Defense: An Immune System to Detect Emerging Threats

Thursday September 15, 2016

This webinar is about self-learning cyber defense, and how ‘immune system’ technology can detect novel threats inside the network. In this session, we will also hear how Will Bailey, Head of IT at Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, used Darktrace to catch an in-progress ransomware attack, within minutes of infiltration.

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