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Darktrace’s world-leading Cyber AI responds to threats in seconds.

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Darktrace acts faster than any security practitioner to prevent damage from attacks such as ransomware.
451 Research
Machine learning can detect things that we can’t predict and define.
Stuart Berman, Information Security Architect, Steelcase
Darktrace detects threats without having to define the activity in advance.
Michael Sherwood, CIO, City of Las Vegas
Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System has increased efficiency tenfold. We previously needed three tools to tell us what Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System tells us on its own.
Blackhawk Network
Darktrace makes everything simple.
Patrick Conreaux, CISO, Apave
Darktrace’s machine learning and mathematics are extremely powerful in detecting activity that is abnormal.
Mark Hughes, President, BT Security
With Darktrace, we can see threats earlier or as they are happening.
Mark Vivian, Head of IT Security, Irwin Mitchell
I’ve been in software for 25 years and I’ve been blown away by Darktrace. It assures us nothing malicious is on our network.
Albert Marsden, IT Director, Bassadone Group
The Threat Visualizer is intuitive and impressive.
Patrick Conreaux, CISO, Apave
Darktrace has reduced the mean time to detect intrusions by 40%.
Blackhawk Network
Shortlisted — Ten Market Shapers (Poppy Gustafsson)
Winner — AI/Machine Learning Award
Winner – South East Venture-Backed Management Team
Winner — Cybersecurity CEO of the Year 2019 (Nicole Eagan)
Winner — Leading Innovators in Cybersecurity Technology 2019 (Nicole Eagan)
Winner — Cybersecurity Project of the Year (Darktrace Antigena)
Winner — Best Technology Partnerships (Cyber AI)
Gold — Company of the Year: Computer Software
Silver — Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year
Silver — Technical Innovation of the Year (Darktrace Antigena)
Bronze — Cloud Application/Service (Darktrace Cloud)
Bronze — Fastest Growing Tech Company of the Year
Bronze — Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Solution (Darktrace Antigena)
Bronze — Network Security Solution
Silver — Award for Innovation in Technology
Winner — Female Executive of the Year (Nicole Eagan)
Winner — Top 50 (#12)
Finalist — Best IoT Security Solution
Winner — Best Municipal/County Security Solution (Enterprise Immune System)
One of 26 late-stage UK tech companies chosen for 2018
Gold — Best Overall Security Company of the Year
Gold — Cloud Security
Gold — Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and SCADA
Silver — Cyber Security Vendor Achievement of the Year (Darktrace Antigena)
Winner — Artificial Intelligence Business of the Year
Top 50 (#3 in Artificial Intelligence)
Shortlisted — IoT Security Solution of the Year
Winner — Innovation Leader, IoT
Finalist — Innovation Leader, CyberSecurity
Gold — CEO of the Year: Security Software (Nicole Eagan)
Silver — Female CEO of the Year (Nicole Eagan)
Gold — Company of the Year
Winner — Cloud Security Product of the Year (SMEs)
Finalist — Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Market Leader)
ICS/SCADA (Hot Company)
Enterprise Security (Leading Edge)
Cloud Security (Trailblazing)
Internet of Things (Best Product)
Europe’s 9th fastest growing company
Winner — Incident Response Solution Provider of the Year
Winner — Compliance
Finalist — Incident Response
Winner — Security Product of the Year
Winner — Best AI Cyber Security Product 2019
Finalist — Best Security Company (Darktrace)
Finalist — Best SCADA Security Solution (Darktrace Industrial)
Winner — Help for when a cyber attacker strikes
Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade
Named as one of the top 100 private cloud companies
Named as one of 50 of Europe’s fastest growing pre-exit investor backed companies
Silver – Woman of the Year, Technology (Nicole Eagan)
Gold — Milestone of the Year (Darktrace Antigena)
Gold — Hot IT Company of the Year
Gold — Insider Threat Detection and Solutions
Silver — Most Innovative IT Company of the Year
Bronze — Company of the Year
Bronze — Cloud Security
Bronze — Security Software
Company of the Year – Cyber Security
Gold — Best Cybersecurity Company
Silver — Cloud Security
Silver — Critical Infrastructure Security
Winner — IT Security Provider of the Year
Winner — Tech Businesswoman of the Year (Poppy Gustafsson)
Overall Cybersecurity Company of the Year
Gold — Company of the Year (Security Software)
Gold — Information Technology and Cyber Security
Gold — Artificial Intelligence (All Industries)
Finalist – Security, Threat Detection (Darktrace Antigena)
Winner — Business Leader of the Year (Nicole Eagan)
Top 10 — Britain's Fastest-Growing Tech Companies
Winner — Best Use of AI in Security and Cyber-Crime Protection
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