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Darktrace AI interrupts in-progress cyber-attacks in seconds, including ransomware, email phishing, and threats to cloud environments and critical infrastructure. Join over 5,500 organizations worldwide that rely on a digital immune system to avoid cyber disruptions, without impacting regular business operations.

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“Darktrace gives our team complete real-time coverage across our SaaS applications and cloud.”
Michael Sherwood, CIO, City of Las Vegas
“When Darktrace for Email caught a spear phishing campaign that the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant missed, we were convinced. The trial was over.”
Shawn Sheridan, CIO, Numeris
“I’ve been in software for 25 years and I’ve been blown away by Darktrace. It assures us nothing malicious is on our network.”
Albert Marsden, IT Director, Bassadone Group
“Darktrace reduces response time and enables more efficient risk mitigation, regardless of the type of threat encountered.”
Jonas Knudsen, Research Director, IDC
“With Cyber AI Analyst, we can see the whole picture. It’s all right there in one place, with all the context and details we need to take action.”
Rick Bertoncin, Director of Technology, Gallagher-Kaiser Corporation
“The AI Analyst helps reduce noise more than any other technology. This is an important development in the security industry.”
Chris Kessel, Research Director, IDC
“Darktrace’s AI technology for cyber defense is a game-changer. It allows us to remain resilient in the face of a rapidly-evolving threat landscape.”
Eben Upton, CEO and Founder, Raspberry Pi
“Darktrace is helping us stay abreast of a lot of the changes that are happening in the digital space, particularly at this time when we are all adjusting to the new normal.”
CIO, McLaren
“No other security tool on the market comes close to Darktrace’s autonomous response capability. Darktrace’s machine learning can detect and respond in seconds to threats that might have been missed.”
Richard Jenkins, Head of Information Risk Management, Cyber Security and Governance, International Baccalaureate

Autonomous decision‑making

Recognized globally for its immune system approach to cyber security, Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI is today capable of making decisions and taking proportionate, autonomous actions to thwart in-progress attacks. In a world where attackers are using AI to find vulnerabilities and creating deep fakes to fool humans, the ability for machines to augment humans – and even fight back – is now a necessity.

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Machines fight back

Machine-speed attacks are simply too fast for humans to deal with. Autonomous Response takes the burden off the security team, by responding 24/7 to fast-moving attacks. AI that fights back.

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Augment human security teams

Darktrace AI knows how the world’s best cyber security analysts perform threat investigations — and automates this process with Cyber AI Analyst. Reduces time to triage security events by over 90%.

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Protecting McLaren F1 and Arrow McLaren SP

McLaren is unique in competing in both Formula 1 and the NTT INDYCAR Series. Darktrace’s AI has seamlessly scaled and extended to protect both teams from machine-speed cyber-attacks like ransomware, providing around-the-clock protection with Autonomous Response.

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A proportionate response to ransomware

Self-Learning AI is the only technology capable of neutralizing ransomware – without disrupting normal business operations. It takes highly targeted action to curb the attack, ensuring that normal operations continue unaffected.

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Stopping sophisticated email attacks

Advanced phishing attacks are bypassing legacy email gateways. But our five-star, AI-powered email security holds back convincing fake emails, protecting your workforce from attacks that other products let through.

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Protecting the workforce, wherever

Cloud and email, SaaS and virtual collaboration tools, devices, IoT and industrial networks — Darktrace defends all digital environments, not just some.

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