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Malicious AI: Not Just Sci-Fi

Malicious AI refers to the use of AI and machine learning to augment offensive cyber-attacks, enabling adversaries to launch highly targeted and sophisticated attack campaigns at greater speed and scale than ever before.

AI will supercharge the mission on multiple fronts, creating stealthier, faster and more effective attacks which blend into normal background activity, and which are almost impossible to counter using traditional security controls.

In the face of malicious AI, only defensive AI can meaningfully fight back. Autonomous Response technology leverages AI to generate surgical responses to in-progress cyber-attacks as soon as they appear. Today, Autonomous Response responds to a cyber-threat somewhere in the world every 2 seconds.

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Defensive AI vs Offensive AI

With AI-powered cyber-attacks on the horizon, the Darktrace Immune System has become the de facto technology to protect all digital environments, powered by self-learning AI that autonomously detects, investigates and responds to attacks — as soon as they occur.

Darktrace AI fights back against even the most sophisticated attacks, such as targeted insider threats or nation-state activity. And when the threat is fast-moving – unfolding in seconds, like a ransomware attack – AI takes the action that a human doesn’t have time to make. It neutralizes the threat, and buys the security team precious time to mitigate the risk.

In an era where algorithm is pitted against algorithm, AI is not a nice-to-have – it’s a fundamental ally to human teams who are too often being outpaced by today’s cyber-threats.

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Supercharged social engineering
Highly-targeted email and social media communication, using impersonation techniques to gain trust
AI-powered malware
Attack code that gains contextual understanding to target interesting assets, and dynamically blends into the environment
Ultra-stealthy data exfiltration
‘Low and slow’ attacks that steal data over long period of time, but appear legitimate
“Over 88% of cyber security industry professionals anticipate that AI attacks will go mainstream.”

AI-Augmented Attacks and the Battle of the Algorithms

As malicious AI emerges on the global threat landscape, thousands of organizations are now employing defensive AI to protect themselves.

Read this research report by Darktrace’s Director of Threat Hunting, Max Heinemeyer, to discover how attackers can use AI to augment the attack kill chain — and how companies are responding to the challenge. It also covers:

  • The rise of offensive AI in today’s threat landscape
  • What offensive AI looks like, and how it will be used
  • How defensive Cyber AI can win against offensive AI


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